I started this website as a means to promote and share my coaching business, but now I am here to share me. I am here to share my work, my writings, my recipes. I am here to share my journey, and I am here to express my voice. I believe in God. I believe in love, the power of love, and how it is the secret ingredient to life (and cooking).

I am passionate about God,love, life, baseball (go Yankees), nutrition, and cooking. I am passionate about writing and sharing myself with the world and those I am meant to connect to. I am finding my way, one step at a time, through struggles and good times, the highs and the lows. We learn through our experiences. Nothing is constant. We are ever changing, ever flowing, ever experiencing the magic of life, for there is much to be seen, much to be felt. I am here for the ride, to experience life in my highest expression, to experience what God wills for me in the highest sense, and to do right by Him.

I love you all so much,