Welcome to my food blog!

Welcome to my food blog! On this blog, I will share my vision in food. If you are a client of mine, please use the recipes in this blog to supplement our sessions and inspire you in the kitchen. My food is wholesome, colorful, and cooked with love. I cook with natural, fresh ingredients, and I hope to inspire you to do the same. My food is also simple and proof that delicious, nutritious food does not have to be expensive or complicated. Many of my recipes can be tailored to your taste buds and what you have in your refrigerator at the moment, so please feel free to use them as a template or jumping off point for your own recipes. You may manipulate them as you please, and I encourage you to do so! The more active and involved you are in the cooking process, the more you are taking control of your life and your health! If you can make health a priority and get excited about the process, you will surely reap the benefits. For you, cooking may be a way to get excited about health. You may look forward to trips to the produce section to make your selection for a rainbow full of vegetables. Do not let health take control over you. Relax, and it shall come. My recipes are simple ways to sit in the driver's seat of your health and get you feeling great. Happy cooking.


Love always,