"The Awakened Aura:" A Book Review

“The Awakened Aura” is a book by Kala Ambrose that I picked up soon after purchasing and beginning to read another one of her books “The Awakened Psychic.” I felt drawn to “The Awakened Psychic” at Barnes & Noble, a book I felt would trigger me into remembrance regarding the use of my abilities, and it helped to do just that. At this point, I was feeling drawn to learn more about the aura. I was developing my first e-course, Nutrition for the Chakras, which I also used as an introduction to the aura and the seven subtle bodies. I knew, however, I wanted to dig deeper. I came across “The Awakened Aura” synchronistically, and I knew it was for me.

They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” which I always took ironically, even as a growing child. I have always judged a book by its cover, simply because I have always been able to connect to the energy of the book, without consciously reading what the book is about, and feel whether I have a strong resonance to it or not. A book’s cover is how I connect. I take in the energy of the book, and I know whether it is for me. The right books feel beautiful. Perhaps this is why I enjoy reading and feel connected to books. I thank my mom for this connection. She too has a deep, if not deeper, love of books, and I grew up in bookstores and surrounded by books of hers or my own. In the house I primarily grew up in, we had a library in the home in place of a third card garage. The wall was filled with shelves, Beauty and the Beast style. I had four shelves in the back bottom of the room. My memories of books and reading have always been quite bright and nurturing.

I knew I would love “The Awakened Aura” from first glance. I picked up a light, peaceful energy, yet one of wisdom. There was knowledge for me to attain in this book. My analysis turned out to be true. I deeply enjoyed reading this book. It kept my attention, which can be a difficult task, and I truly felt myself dive deep into Ambrose’s words. I wanted to soak it all in, often re-reading passages to really feel into the information. I have noticed in both books by Ambrose that I have read, I found myself really trusting her words and her authority on the issues she speaks about. The thing is in spirituality, there is no concrete information about how all of this works, as we are learning through extrasensory manners. There are no hard facts (yet) in the realm of spirituality. All is in a sense up for interpretation, which can feel a bit hazy for someone who likes to understand how things are. Ambrose has a very valuable perspective, one that resonates with me on this current stage of my journey. I truly value her interpretation of how all this all works. It is clear she is well-studied, practiced, versed in an array of areas. She has a clear, concise interpretation of all the information she shares. In other words, I believe her. “The Awakened Aura” woke me up even more to the important of our aura and keeping it clean through various methods which Ambrose teaches. I consider it a great skill to be able to read and see the aura, but one must have proper understanding of what it all means, which Ambrose so eloquently shares.

“What color is my aura?” is a commonly asked question in the spiritual world, especially if you are on Facebook groups. Responders comment back with maybe one color, sometimes a few colors. Some people’s answers will match up; others will not. Perhaps I should say, all interpretations are correct, and in a sense they are. However, I believe there is a disconnect between the aura as Ambrose explains it and the aura as commonly understood in the spiritual community, at least in this casual sense. The aura is actually more complex than one might think, but properly studying and being able to also see auras can offer so much insight into the overall health and well-being of a person.

The aura is constantly changing in colors. Its shape is even evolving. There are layers to an aura, just as there are layers to an onion. The etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, celestial, and ketheric bodies form the aura. Each layer holds different colors, which can change from moment to moment. There are, however, two main colors that will stay in the main auric field for the course of one’s life, unless the person or his/her life drastically changes, and other colors take over. The information is found within the colors of the aura. “Aura’s” chapter four is devoted to explaining the colors and what they all mean when found within the aura. She also explains various ways to bring in more of each color into our aura, such as via food, home décor, clothing, and crystals. Working with the various colors for healing or enrichment purposes is what I call color therapy, something I have also been passionate about learning and studying.

The chapters of Ambrose’s technique are all practical, enlightening, and rich in information. It is almost as if each are a mini book of its own. One chapter is titled “how the aura develops from childhood into adulthood.” This was all new information for me, and I loved learned about the development of the aura and how this relates to what we already know about child development. Ambrose explains how from birth to age seven, the openings between the spiritual and physical planes are wide around each child. The child’s body, mind, and spirit are actively downloading information from the Other Side, which sets the tone and direction for this lifetime. This explains why sleep is so important for infants and children, as they are receiving an abundance of information downloaded into their auric fields. Babies are also known to cry. Ambrose explains that one of the reasons why is to release pent-up energy. Babies’ bodies are working to fill up on energy, while also absorbing energy from the people around them because their fields are wide open. Babies’ auric bodies are still being formed, and so they do not have yet the ability to release energy in a physical, mental, or emotional manner. However, they need to release some energy they pick up from others, and crying allows them to do so. Crying also allows babies to breathe in fresh oxygen to assist in their development. “Babies need to cry,” she says, “so keep an open mind about it when you hear them cry and know they are doing what they need to do for their development.” Babies also cry for attention, for example if they are hungry or wet. If you determine your body is crying for attention, Ambrose suggests to hold them with a warm touch. I also surmise that it seems very important to monitor the energy around your baby. Be mindful of where they spend their time, who they are around. If you have or are around a baby, be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions, as they are taking this all in. Connect with the baby, and allow your light to shine bright. This is a healthy experience and interaction for the baby, as it is for you. Negative thoughts, emotions, and energies can be toxic for babies, as it would be for anyone else, but babies will cry as a result of them.

Ambrose explains the importance of thought on the auric field, which is all very relevant and current for me as well, as I have been delving into the Law of Attraction and manifesting. Ambrose’s perspective is unique, however, as she explains thought from the level of the auric field. She explains why thought works to manifest situations or objects in our physical reality, by explaining how this process works and what it looks like in the aura. When we focus on a thought long enough, Ambrose says, it forms a small gray cloud in the aura. If we continue to focus on an emotionally upsetting or negative though, the gray cloud will form into a stronger mass that can hold more energy. This is called a thought form. Thought forms can cause blocks in the way of what we want to achieve in life.

I wish Ambrose explained if there is a way to essentially transmute any negative thought forms in the aura. Do we simply stop giving it energy and it goes away? Can we transmute it now and have it dissipate from our aura? I recognize my negative thought forms, and I am ready to stop giving them energy and instead replace with positive thoughts, creating positive thought forms. However, I would have appreciated one of Kala’s quality energy exercises which she has throughout her book, or even an explanation of how thought forms disappear, if they ever do.

One who reads this book and follows her energetic exercises will surely become more energetically sensitive, aware, and comfortable with their gifts. In the midst of reading this book, I opened up much more via clairsentience. I started to feel energy from others and from environments. I could sense or feel connections between people. I recognized, from a feeling state, how all is energy, and if we understand and use this in a karmically beautiful way, we can have the most beautiful life.

“The law of attraction is based upon the understanding that energy follows thought, and focused thought manifests outwardly.” Ambrose warns that while the power to manifest with our thoughts is a beautiful gift, it is also very powerful. We need to make sure to have the knowledge of how thoughts affect others and how they can affect our karmic destinies.

In chapter seven, Ambrose gives a passionate excerpt, which essentially summates why the aura and auric care is so important. She begins to explain how medical science has undoubtedly advanced over the years, but there have been spiritual consequences.

“Medical science (representing the figurative head) became so enamored with what could be attached, replaced, and/or removed from the physical body (such as tumors, growths, and diseased organs) that it forgot about the heart and soul of the person, which also have a direct effect on the health of the body. Medical care began to focus on patching up and eradicating disease in the physical body, rather than exploring the idea of proactive health care and avoidance of disease. This regimen places the person in a loop of illness, because the root cause of the problem, where the disease is first manifesting in the mental and emotional auric bodies, is never treated. The result is that the physical disorder is cleared from the body for a short time only to reappear later if it has not been released from the auric fields.”

So, you may remove a tumor removed, only to develop another tumor, because the tumor or “junk” of your mind has not been cleared, causing it to still hold power within the aura. Thankfully, the world is catching up to this mind/body/soul connection. It is not that medical science does not have a place, but as more and more people realize the true root causes of illness and focus more on preventative medicine, such as having a healthy lifestyle and eating well, less of an emphasis or need for modern medical science will be present. The collective is also moving towards exploring holistic alternatives: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, healing temples, essential oils, crystal therapy, and plant based eating, to name a few. In my opinion, all you need is yourself and a willingness to heal and learn. Reading Ambrose’s account of the mind/body/spirit connection reignites my fire regarding this topic. I believe in the connection whole heartedly. It is a core of my business, and one reason I am so passionate about nutrition is because of its effect on the body, mind, and soul, not just the body, as you may be tempted to think.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the book is its final chapter, “experiencing the aura evolution” where Kala explains the ongoing changes in the aura which she has been witnessing over time. She relates these changes to the ongoing consciousness shift on our planet, our ascension process, and the Age of Aquarius. I am sure plenty have been tempted to read this chapter first. I thought about it, but I knew there was plenty of juicy information in the first ten chapters, so chapter eleven was like a sweet reward at the end of a beautiful book. Ambrose discusses the presence of an eight auric field and chakra. As I look at the clock it is 2:22, and my thought was, there must be auric fields and chakras beyond that. It is just that we are not yet equipped to see them because we have not reached that level of development. Ambrose explains that the eighth chakra oversees karma and disperses information from the Akashic records, which allows us to experience situations to work off our karma. This begs for Ambrose’s interpretation of karma, which I suspect she could write a book upon. She says that in the past, it could have taken lifetimes to burn off karma, but in this lifetime, it can take just days. That is amazing improvement on our collective ascension path.

Ambrose also mentions new crystalline structure that she has been observing in the aura since 1999. She says our light bodies are being reconstructed and are opening up to allow more light and energy to flow through. The structures create new energy cords, which form a grid around the auric body. Ambrose mentions how she sees these in people with significantly greater energy. Lastly, Ambrose explains the importance of releasing anything that does not serve you in order to embrace the coming light. We must cleanse our auric fields in order to move forward and go outside of our lower auric fields. She finishes with an energetic take on what is coming in the new decade. This book was published in 2011, so we are in the midst of her predictions. She talks about all the new information we are exposed to, as well as the power of belief and manifesting our thoughts. The year 2020 will be the mark of moving from knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom takes knowledge and puts it into action, discerning how it can best be used from the various reactions, she says.

Overall, this is a beautifully deep book that I was grateful to come across along my journey. This book presented itself to me just when I needed it and the vast information it contains. I connect to Ambrose’s grace and eloquence. She is an author I will continue to read, and I will look out for future publications, such as her latest book, “The Awakened Dreamer” coming out in December. I will leave you with Ambrose’s vision for the future.

“…we are moving into a new Age of Enlightenment in this new decade. The Aquarian information from the gods can no longer be contained, the Divine Feminine is being released in all her glory, and we will once again see a Renaissance period, where great art, architecture, philosophy, literature, and science will develop and flourish. During this decade, the greatest minds will stir to share, to illuminate, and to build and create works and ideas that will be admired around the world.”