Magic & The Butterfly

I proposed the idea of choosing one word for the new year to my online community. Consider this a one word frequency stamp on 2018, I said. Responses flooded in. For some, it would be a year of wonder, of joy, and for others, a year of prosperity and love. As I wrote this post, my own word was yet to be unveiled. I did not intend to force a response or word. I simply intended to allow it to reveal itself, through my highest alignment, with Spirit. And so it did. 2018 is my year of the butterfly.

A suiting word, perfect in fact, and from the moment it revealed itself, my external reality confirmed it with butterfly memes and synchronicities. As a spiritual teacher and conduit for collective energies who learns through her experiences in order to share them, 2018 is *our* year of the butterfly.

The year of freedom, of rebirth. The year of renewal. A butterfly birthed from her cocoon, setting free from all that weighed her down, from limiting thoughts and beliefs, and all that no longer serves her. She is light, free. She is fearless, confident, beautiful. She walks with an undeniable radiance that can only be admired, or perhaps shunned, for she is also the catalyst. She has walked through her shadows, faced her demons, and she admires and stands in her darkness. Perhaps the inner critic still exists, though it no longer has its mighty hold. She is breaking free from all the chains of the once heavy hand of her ego-based mind, though she honors and accepts these experiences and this voice, for this is also an aspect of Self, one that longed to be heard and held, though is gaining acceptance for what is.

So with this butterfly, comes a pinch of magic, for the butterfly and magic can only go hand in hand. The butterfly: a divine spark of magic. Is it possible to view a butterfly yet not believe in the magic of the universe? 2018, in short, is the year of big things. If you are reading this, chances are you will experience big, life-changing shifts in the upcoming year. I sense, it may not be so hard this time around. Challenges always await us; however, I feel a genuine sense of lightness, creativity, bliss, and beauty for the year ahead. 2018 has a sense of spunk, and it does not always have to be so hard. Curtailing challenging situations and feeling free in the highest sense does not mean you are avoiding your shadows or spiritually bypassing. It may just mean you deserve better, and you have full awareness of this. You are learning, whilst creating the life of your dreams, believing in the power of you, and allowing the universe to show you the way.