Letting Go of Who You Think You Are

If you check my history of articles, you will notice how the month of December I focused on re-exploring my love of the Yankees and Major League Baseball. I had been so hyper focused on my own spirituality in the recent years, that perhaps I did not see the “point” in my love of the Yankees. However, the heart wants what it wants, and my Yankee love is here to stay. I let go of who I think I should be (ultra spiritual), to make room for who I am (a lover of Yankee baseball). There is no judgment of who we are, of our soul desires. They just are, and by honoring our passions, especially those that have been suppressed, as we allow them to resurface, we honor ourselves. We honor our journey and our path, and we honor ourselves by allowing ourselves to be as we are, whatever this may look like and whoever this may be.

What does your heart want? What are you passionate about? What makes your heart sing? This is the soul’s way of getting you to pay attention, to wake up. When you think of baseball or sports in general, you may not think “spirituality,” but all is spiritual, as all is One. There is nothing outside of spirituality, from the perspective of Oneness and non-duality. We are here for purpose, for exploration, and for growth. We are here to explore what the human experience has to offer, and this includes and even emphasizes all of humanity’s kinks and individualities: food, sports, entertainment, and so forth. Be you, and enjoy what you enjoy. Simple as that.

Take some time today to ponder your suppressed passions, and take some time to ponder the nature of being who you think you should be, rather than being who you truly are. Allow for the real you to show up. What brings this real you joy, and how can you make more space for this in your life? What is the real you ready to let go of, to create more space for new opportunities and higher passions and experiences of joy? From the perspective of the outsider, the watcher, what in your life is unbalanced? In other words, what does not have an energetic balance or equal energetic exchange? Where are you giving more than you are getting back? (Cough, cough: in your job that you hate.) What does not feel good, and why do you believe you need to consistently exist in an environment that does not serve you or bring you joy? Why do you believe you have to suffer to receive what you desire? What if I told you, that everything you want is downstream? It does not have to be so difficult. The universe holds options. There is no one right path for any of us. Slip into surrender, and see what the universe desires for you to explore. Let go of your limiting thoughts, for they no longer serve you from this place of expansion. Let go of who you think you are: your elevator pitch, all your thoughts that serve to identify you as a being. How have these thoughts inhibited your growth? If you let go of who you think you are, you make space for who you truly are. Allow this person, this you, to show up. Give him or her the space to be present.

While in this human game, we experience the perceived good with the bad. There is stress, pain, and fear, but there is also joy, bliss, and love. All of these emotional states serve our expansion process. Honor your highs with your lows. And remember, the universe loves to play. The universe is magical and whimsical, constantly trying to make us smile, playing tricks on us. Invite this humor and sense of play into your life. Let the universe make you smile, and hold gratitude for this increase in vision you hold for the world, for this new state of being.

There is no right way to do things. We are all just here for the ride, and this life is truly what you make of it. Be easy on yourself. Allow yourself to be. Allow yourself to fail, though there are no failures in truth. Know that whatever choice you make is ultimately the right one. It is ultimately serving you and pushing you along the path of highest growth and expansion. Know that all you desire for yourself exists, and it is just a matter of alignment, of allowing yourself to receive that which you ask for. And, finally, know that the universe always has your back. No ifs, ands, or buts. All is serving you and conspiring in your favor.