I Am A Writer

I am a writer. A bit obvious I suppose, but very true, and oh so empowering. This is one of but many epiphanies lately. I am recognizing Self, and surrendering to the highest path of what feels good. Writing feels good. It is free flowing, and pure, a path of least resistance. It is not forced; it simply comes. A form of channeling that comes most natural to me.

I hold memories of being a young girl, dreaming of being an author. It felt overwhelming. How could I write an entire book? While in truth, this still feels a bit intimidating, though less so, as I continue to align, transcend limiting beliefs, and feel into my highest calling. And by now, it is every bit obvious to me that the universe whole heartedly supports my writing career. By this time next year I will be the published co-author of a women’s wellness book and the published lead author of a book of my own concept and design.

At the start of 2017, I put a publishing contract on my vision board to start the new year. I thought to myself, I have this dream of being an author. While I am not ready for it now, I am open to it and setting my intention. I saw this dream as being lightyears ahead. Yet, within days I was offered the co-author opportunity. Nearly instant manifestation that aligned to my intention of not being ready to write an entire book just yet. The universe was prepping me and still is.

And so recently, a second co-author opportunity presented itself that felt resonant. I met with my publisher. I liked the concept of the book, yet I felt guided to let it go. I thought, ideally, I do not want to pay to be published, as I would as a co-author, prior to earning back in royalties and personal sales. I want to be paid to write. I messaged my publisher that I would be passing on the book, and she instantly offered back my lead author deal. In this case, I am paid significantly. Instant manifestation birthed from a sense of wonder.

For so long, I focused on being a coach. I thought, the more clients, the more income. If I have “x” clients a week, I make “x” amount of money and so forth. I had every bit of good intentions, and I have grown a beautiful community and touched the lives of many, as they have touched me. However, I know now there is a reason why my coaching business did not blow up in the way of being able to fully support me financially. From my present awareness, this is not where I am meant to solely dedicate my energy. There is more for me to do.

I am changing, and I am growing. Writing feels so good, and it is a big part of why I am here. For so long people would ask me what I would do, and something inside me just felt so off in trying to explain myself. “I am a spiritual life coach” just never completely encapsulated me. It did not completely align. “I am a writer” is perfectly aligned and empowering. It feels me, and it feels free, a way to express myself and connect with others. Labels can be limiting, or they can be empowering. In this case, I choose empowerment.