Over the past few weeks, I have been in a period of experiencing intense, heightened emotions. I am increasingly energetically sensitive and have been experiencing sadness, pain, anxiety, but also joy, bliss, INTENSE gratitude, love, and more. In my heightened energetic state, it is truly the highs with the lows, the perceived “good” with the “bad,” but is this so? Is this real? Are “good” and “bad” true states of existence, and how does this relate to our experience with various emotional states?

When we experience emotional frequencies such as gratitude, love, joy, bliss, peace, we may inherently label our experience as “good” or “positive.” Conversely, when we feel sad, anxious, or angry, we may label this as “bad” or “negative.” This human construct of judgment keeps us in a state of duality. We perceive the world through a lens of good of bad. We judge how we feel. Sometime in our upbringing, we learned about good and bad, right and wrong. Perhaps we were taught not to cry, because crying is “weak” or “wrong,” forcing us to stuff down or suppress our emotions, which inevitably affects us in our waking state, as this emotion is unable to be released from our energy field, causing a blockage in how we receive and perceive information. Over the years, we continue to suppress our tears, suppressing our emotions and causing more disturbances in our aura, because no one tells us it is okay to cry. Our outlook on life may become more and more jaded. We may not be in touch with ourselves or our higher purpose. This is just one example of how our upbringing can influence us, our emotional state, and our lives, causing us to act out in a way which does not ultimately serve ourselves and our purpose, preventing us from making decisions which do serve us, out of fear, judgment, or any limiting belief we hold about ourselves or the world.

Sometime over our upbringing, we may have been taught not to feel, thereby suppressing, various emotions you hold judgment over. The human collective is in great need of spiritual allowance. Allow yourself to feel as you do. Allow yourself to be as you are. Release that which persists. Release your resistance. When uncomfortable emotions arise, feel into them. Bathe in them. Honor them. Simply, feel them. Be and exist in them. Release your preconceived ideas about good and bad in relation to your emotions. Emotions are neither good nor bad. They just are. If we allow this truth, we can come into a natural state of allowance with the various emotions we feel. Through allowance, we do not resist what feels uncomfortable. Our emotions are simply weather, ever passing through our field of consciousness. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it shines. There is no judgment in this. In truth, there is great beauty in all of our emotions and emotional states. Tears are beautiful. Smiles are beautiful. Your pain is beautiful because it is offering you an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Remember, through your pain and discomfort, the nature of forgiveness. Forgive others, for not understanding you, for hurting you, for bringing you down and judging you. Harder still, forgive yourself. Forgive all the earlier versions of you for not knowing what you know now. It is because of those earlier experiences that you learned, grew, and see now what you once could not.

As society comes to a collective understanding of the nature of our pain and releases judgment towards pain and various emotional frequencies, we will naturally transcend pain, as resistance releases. Pain will not be torturous or unbearable; it will just be. No longer will we feel the need to run from our pain because we have a deep understanding of the suppression this causes, ultimately prolonging and intensifying our pain. We will understand that emotions just want to be felt. They want to be heard and experienced. They want to be understood for the value they bring.

It is easy to understand how or why we may suppress undesirable emotions, but we must be mindful to not suppress our feel-good emotions either: love, joy, bliss, gratitude. It is great to feel great. Milk your gratitude. Milk your joy, your bliss, your passion. We may have limiting beliefs attached to positive emotions. Perhaps we were taught to suppress positive emotions, to be more serious and stern. Perhaps we have shame or guilt attached to feeling good, which inhibits our ability to feel positive emotions without slipping right into a lower frequency. Overall, the message is this: it is okay to feel as you feel. There is no right or wrong, good or bad way to feel. There is no “should.” There only is. You are beautiful, worthy, perfect as you are, in any state you are in. You are divinity incarnate, a divine piece of Oneness.