An Intuitive Hunch

Can you imagine, someone with NO managerial, not even coaching experience, the manager of the New York Yankees? It is true. It is so. And I wanted it. I felt it. I liked Girardi. I did not necessarily want him gone. I was sad to see him go, in fact. I could not picture someone I could vibe with more than him. That’s one thing about the Yankees and why I am such a big fan. I just vibe, as simple as that. I vibe with Joe Girardi. I vibe with their youthfulness. Over the years I have vibed with certain players. I vibe with the team history. I vibe with the fact the owners want to win, and we have a genius general manager. I just vibe. I am lucky to be a Yankees fan. Being a Yankees fan is a true stamp of abundance. I did not choose my Yankee fandom. I was born into it. I felt it, and I love it. And so I am grateful. Being so aware of my own divinity and spiritual nature, I said today to a friend, I am not sure if there is a reason for this spiritual connection to baseball or to the Yankees, but it brings me joy, and so I honor it. Perhaps the reason is that there is no reason at all. Perhaps I am just meant to share, to express. There is obviously some deeply integrated soul connection I feel. Perhaps I was a player in a past life, as a male or as a female. I am athletic and very strong for my size. I always loved gym class. Yet I was always girly, in every other way.

I am feminine, a feminine being. Yet I have a core obsession with something people would more readily identify as being masculine. I watch MLB Network. I listen to sports radio in the car, but only when aligned. If the show pertains to baseball, absolutely. Or, if I vibe with the host, okay. I can’t do football or other sports, really. They feel too harsh. Baseball is light. It feels good. It feels playful and oh so fun.

So back to the new Yankees manager. It is none other than Aaron “effing” Boone. Like I said, I did not want Joe Girardi gone, yet having a deep sense of trust in Cashman and in the universe, I let go. I decided to trust the process. Names of potential candidates started to surface. Naturally, I have to have my pick. Rob Thomson, nice guy but nope. Eric Wedge? A big no. The only guy I had a genuine good read on was Al Pedrique, their AAA manager, yet he never received an interview. And even so, it was not a strong feel. I really did not resonate with anyone, making me miss Joe Girardi ever slightly. Until, Aaron Boone, ESPN analyst, was all of a sudden thrown into the mix. My intuitive senses started jumping. This is the guy I wanted. I felt it instantly. But he has no managerial experience. He has no coaching experience. He went to the booth after hanging up his cleats. Could he handle jumping right into a managerial role, and for this up and coming Yankees team? As Michael Kay, YES and ESPN broadcaster put it, it is like getting your license for the first time and being handed the keys to a Bentley, in a parallel to the highly touted Yankee roster.

Apparently, Cashman and I are on the same wave length, because the guy who everyone thought would be the last guy to win the job, was the unanimous choice of Cashman and his staff. I was at work when I received a notification that it was down to Boone and one other candidate. Moments later, Boone is announced. I was so happy. Did I manifest this, or did I just have an intuitive sense? Both, perhaps. As soon as I heard Boone’s name, I knew he was my guy. I felt into that feeling repeatedly. I never had a sense of doubt. I had trust and an inner knowingness. I was excited about the prospect yet emotionally detached at the same time. Sounds like the key to manifestation to me. Perhaps coupled within was my intuitive knowingness of the situation. I felt an energetic mastery with Boone as manager. He is lighthearted, a great clubhouse guy, confident, and intelligent. He will do just fine.