The Lion's Gate & Frequency Management Techniques

We have been in the midst of the Lion’s Gate portal for a few weeks now and will continue to be so until the end of the month. August 8 (8/8) represented the day when its energies peaked. The Lion’s Gate is marked by our sun’s alignment with the star Sirius, otherwise called the spiritual sun. Sirius is the keeper of vast spiritual wisdom and keys to the universe, so in this direct alignment with our own sun, our bringer of life and life force energy, we are birthed into a new reality. We are open to higher knowledge and ways of being but must first purge out residual energy, old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and fears in order to maintain this higher frequency-based way of life. Out with the old, in with the new. If you have been having a challenging month, do not worry, as you are not alone. I am here to bring understanding to this month’s hectic energy spectrum, as just holding understanding for what you are going through can make your experience more bearable, as you shed light onto your experiences. At the least, you will not feel so lost or out of control, as you can see how all is occurring ultimately for your greatest good, as painful as it may be. Not only do we have the Lion’s Gate to pay notion to this month, but we also have the double eclipses. The lunar eclipse occurred on August 7, and the solar eclipse will occur on August 21. The period between these two dates represent a portal in its own right, of self-empowerment and manifestation, to couple the Lion’s Gate portal, where we are shedding old paradigms and receiving downloads of higher wisdom and consciousness.

In the broadest sense, these energies are very uncomfortable. Whatever our deepest fears are, are being mirrored right back to us in their physical form. If you fear money problems, expect money problems. If you fear relationship issues, expect more of the same. The question to ask yourself is, are you finally ready to let this all go, once and for all? Are you done with your ego and ready to step into your empowered Self? If you answered yes, you may be wondering, “how exactly do I do this?” And the answer is simply: frequency management. Manage your frequency. Catch yourself each and every time your frequency drops, and work it right back up in that moment. There are various ways to do so which you can integrate into your daily routine based off what you resonate with or are drawn to. In essence, this is spiritual hygiene.

When our frequency is high, we feel good, and we project this energy back into the world. In our own way, we make the world a brighter, more beautiful place to be, just due to the energy we are projecting, embodying, and adding to the collective. When we feel good, we are essentially “believing” that we feel good, and we will perceive this in our external environment as well. In a high frequency, we more readily attract abundance, dream manifestation, fulfillment of our life purpose, and so much more. When we are in a high frequency, the world is our oyster, and anything we desire is so readily achievable, because it is our exact nature which is vibrationally able to align with our desire. In fact we do not actually ever “get” anything; we merely align. Joy, bliss, peace, love, wonder, and grace are all high frequencies which we can embody or strive to ascend through.

Conversely, when we are in a lower vibration, we do not feel so good. We may be caught up in our egoic nature, negative thoughts, and perceived limitations. We may be wondering “how” something will be achieved or attained. But you see, the universe does not work in “hows.” The universe works in alignment and resonance. Either we are at a resonance for what we desire, or we are not. So, the best thing we can collectively do for ourselves is raise our frequency and, very importantly, monitor our frequency. Catch yourself when your ego leads you astray, when you do not feel so good about yourself or the world, and when you are obsessed and addicted to your negative-based thoughts and limiting beliefs. Make a conscious choice and continued effort to feel better. Over time, your frequency management will become second nature and less like “work,” as it may seem at first, by continuously monitoring yourself and how you feel. But I can tell you this, though the work may be involved at first, your future Self thanks you already, for choosing better for yourself and your Now. You deserve the best, and it is time to demand more for your incarnation here on Earth. Let us all align with our own unique heaven.

First and foremost, watch your thoughts. Thoughts create reality. The only difference between a thought and its physical manifestation is density. The more we think about something, the more we bring it into its physical form, especially when our emotions are behind it. Fear is a strong emotion. This is why it is easy for us to get caught up in fear and insecurities and to, most importantly, believe them. The emotions follow suit, as we daydream (more like, daydread) our deepest concerns. But this is exactly what we do not want to do. This is exactly how we create the exact instance we fear so much. I encourage you to sit with these feelings when you are grounded and balanced. What do you fear? Why do you fear it? Where is this stemming from? Give yourself validation, as this is ultimately coming from another point in linear time – childhood or even past life experiences. From there, can you ground yourself into Truth? Can you identify and connect with your Divine, immortal nature? Your empowered Self? What does this feel like to you? Ultimately, it should feel good, as it is real! This is the reality you now choose to grow, not the one you fear so much. Be diligent in your efforts. Pay mind to each and every thought. Over time, all of your thoughts will be conscious efforts towards feeding the reality you choose to experience. Your emotions back you up, as do your inspired actions. When embarking on this journey, it may not be believable to switch a thought (frequency) from one of fear to one of its positive counterpart. For example, using the example of financial abundance, if you are working with your negative thoughts regarding fear of lack, in regards to finances, the best thing you can do for yourself is to catch your thought and transmute it to one of financial abundance and excitement for all the abundance that is on its way. However, for someone newer to the laws of the universe and conscious manifestation, this may not be a believable process. How you can you believe you are abundant when you feel a sense of lack? And for this instance, I invite you to practice other go-to frequency management techniques, which will no doubt raise your frequency but not challenge you into believing something you ultimately do not or cannot believe at this time. Over time, as you become more and more aware of universal laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance, you can then hone in on direct transmutation of negative thoughts to their positive counterpart. Transmute lack of abundance into abundance, because it is your choice in doing so which creates exactly which you desire.

But until then, here are some other frequency management techniques:

1. Switch to a more believable thought. We already discussed how it may not be believable for you to switch a thought or belief of lack abundance to one of abundance. However, you can move up the trajectory into clinging to a higher frequency thought that is also believable. For example, pretend you are working to sell an item. You want to set a goal to sell 100 units, but your ego is instantly down on you. It is not believable to you at this that you will sell this amount. You start worrying, getting down on yourself, thus lowering your frequency and blocking you from any abundance at all. However, is it believable for you for you to sell 10? Or even 1? You can even operate from a state of wonder. “I wonder what would happen if I sold 1..10..100 units.” See what happens! Each “success” or sale builds up the believability factor that you will indeed sell more. Thus, your belief system in yourself grows stronger and stronger. By the laws of the universe, you will receive more and more abundance to back up your beliefs and the way that you feel.

2. Do what you love. The notion of frequency management is all about catching when you are feeling not so good and making the conscious choice to feel good instead. An easy way to switch out of a lower alignment is to do something that we no doubt love to do. Ask yourself now what it is that you enjoy to do, that you can easily gravitate towards when you are in a lower frequency. For some this may be reading, writing, or taking a nature walk. Others may like to sit and play with their crystals or pull some inspiring angel oracle cards. See what feels resonant to you, and keep this in the back of your mind to make yourself feel better next time you are down. This is not spiritually bypassing your problems. This is conscious self-care and an act of self-love.

3. Listen to binaural beats, meditation music, or any songs that make you happy and raise your spirits. This is all about the power of sound. Sound is frequency, and when we listen to high frequency music, sounds, or beats, due to the Law of Resonance, our being will begin to vibrate (contract) and oscillate (expand) in accordance. Thus, your frequency is raised. It is as simple as that. Sound therapy is an interesting field to pursue or study if you feel called. For example, each of our chakras operate at an ideal frequency, and listening to music with the relevant hertz (unit of frequency) can help us balance the relevant chakra or chakras.

4. Watch an inspiring video. Have you ever seen an inspiring share on Facebook, one that really spoke to you and made you feel light, inspired, and motivated? This is frequency management in play. You may have been scrolling through Facebook, with or without a particular emotion, but as soon as you watch an inspiring or resonant video, you suddenly feel blissful. When you are down and out, gravitate towards such videos. Have some in mind that you can quickly search for and find for your moments in need. Comedic videos are another great tool as well. Laughter is medicine and can boost our immune system. So, have a laugh and be inspired. At the same time, stray away from negative based Facebook shares, as these are surefire ways to lower your frequency. You may feel passionate about the cause at hand (animal abuse, for example), but sitting and watching such harsh, depressing videos will lower your frequency and actually give energy towards the matter. I would instead recommend to pray for the cause at hand without subjecting yourself to the abuse in such videos. You can use energy work and color therapy to surround the cause in white light of protection and violet light of transmutation.

5. Help someone in need. When you help someone, you help yourself, as we are all one, when all is said and done. The “feel good” feeling of helping another is real and another lesson in self-love. When you connect with another being and help them in some way, you strengthen the connection of two souls and the beautiful energy that connects both of your hearts. This will raise your spirits (your frequency), the spirits of the other, and add to this universal consciousness off compassion, love, and attentiveness. The next time you are feeling down, consider helping someone in need.

These are just a few of my favorite techniques, but the universe has infinite options available to you. However you can personally feel better is what you want to do. You can pray over this as well. Ask God/Source/Universe to reveal to you resonant frequency management techniques that will personally work for you and help you to align with your Highest Path.

To end this post, I am feeling guided to remind you all to remember to ask for help. Too often do we feel alone on our journeys and in this world. However, by the nature of our existence, it is truly impossible to be alone, as we are always connected to our heavenly team, our angels, our guides, and Source energy. In times of need, reach out to humans and the other side alike. Take notice of loved ones on this plane with you, as they are here for you and to help you. Be grateful for their presence and their choice (as well as yours) to incarnate here with you so that you may be there for each other in your respective times of need. Lastly, ask your angels, guides, and ascended masters for help. All are available to us and are limitless in their existence. As you embark your spiritual journey, various light beings will pop in and out depending on what you are going through at that time and what lessons you have to learn. The laws of free will prevent any beings from helping you without your direct consent, so please remember to ask.

I love you all so much,