The Power of Prayer

I write this article, a long time coming, as the first of an intended series: “The Power of…” I would love to discuss with you some powerful, ancient, yet current beliefs that I follow regularly as a part of my lifestyle. Prayer, for example, is one of these routines. Gratitude, an extremely powerful vibration, is another. I look forward to sharing with you just how transformative gratitude is if incorporated into your practice with a strong belief system behind it. In other words, you must truly be grateful! You must let it radiate your being throughout the day, any chance you get. Bathe in gratitude. The best prayer, in fact, is one of gratitude, but more on this later.

In prayer, we speak to the Divine: God, the universe, or your Higher Self. You communicate, expressing what you need to. If you find yourself in hard times, with a heavy heart, in a place of distrust or feeling lonesome, you can ALWAYS pray to your higher power. You are safe to release your burdens onto God; let them be His. You are taken care of and provided for. In the way we talk to, or pray to, God or your higher power, we would talk to a best friend or a parent. Release what needs releasing. Express your struggles and your burdens but also your joys and your passions. In this way, prayer is healing. Prayer is a means to express, rather than suppress, various energies. By having open this channel of communication, we know we always have a place we can come back to, to let go, to let out whatever is on our minds or in our hearts. In expressing our highs and what brings us great pride and joy, we relive the experience and associated highs, which are a very high frequency place to reside. Allow God to share in your joys with you. He wants you to feel good. Conversely, there is great importance in also sharing our lows, as we do not want them to stay stuck within us. It is important to release this energy and know you are taken care of.

We can also value prayer as a means to set intentions and to ask for what we desire. A beautiful way to begin the day is in prayer. Pray for those you feel inspired to pray for, sending good intentions to each individual, to the animals, or Mother Earth. A prayer for Mother Earth is one of the most beautiful things you can do as a means to serve God or honor that God lives within all being and the Earth. Raise the spirits or the frequency of your prayer. See Mother Earth and all you pray for in radiant health, happiness, and light. You can also set an intention for what you desire to feel like in the day ahead or even for what you desire to accomplish. Do you wish to feel inspired, creative, free, comforted, understood, peaceful, loving? What do you desire for yourself? If you have action oriented goals, what would you like to accomplish today? Do you have any long-term goals or something you are actively working to manifest? This is a beautiful time to share your heart, ask for what you desire, and know it is yours. If you have doubts, express those as well, as you do not want to suppress, but you do want to actively work to shift your mindset and belief system into one of higher Truth, into one that knows your worth, your power, and knows you can accomplish or do anything.

And of course, there are prayers of gratitude and affirmation. In gratitude, we are in a state of abundance. We are choosing to focus on everything we already have, all the abundance currently available to us at any given moment, even in times of distress. There is always something to be grateful for, and lots of it. Gratitude is a shift in consciousness and a shift in your mindset. Gratitude is a choice. Adding gratitude to your life can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, if you are truly looking for healing and a more beautiful lifestyle. Gratitude affirms that you already have it all; no need to worry about what you do not have. All your needs are met, and the universe has always taken care of you.

A prayer of affirmation affirms to God or your higher power that you already have what you are asking for. Whatever it is that you desire to manifest, thank God in advancement of you receiving it in the physical. It is on its way. Say you are looking to manifest the perfect home. Thank God for allowing you and helping you to find your perfect home. If you have a visual of what this perfect home looks like visualize it. Get as specific as you light. How does your home feel? How do you feel being in it? Enjoy this state. Perhaps you would like to visualize yourself in the garden, rooting yourself and planting vegetables. Perhaps you want to visualize a family meal or snuggling up on the couch. This reality is real, and your affirmation of it births it into the physical. Be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day. You want to ultimately transmute negative thoughts. Be mindful of when your ego is on attack and just triggering you into thinking a certain way. Once you recognize it as ego, you can stop it in its tracks and know that it is not real. However, when you find yourself truly needing to express your thoughts, your feelings, your doubts, or insecurities, allow yourself to do so. Give yourself the space to express and purge. There is no need to suppress. Make the conscious effort to focus on positive thoughts into relation to what you desire to manifest but about life in general. You want to develop a healthy and balanced relationship with your thoughts, yourself, and this life.

Prayer is extremely powerful if we understand that the power lies within the intention behind it. Prayer is also a beautiful way to get our needs much, such as comfort, love, freedom, understanding, or anything you need. When you feel connected within your heart, to God, or however you choose to perceive it, you know that you are so loved, and you are never alone. The pain of the outside world does not exist in these moments, as we always have home to come back to.

Prayer is something I have personally long found comfort with. It is something I consider myself to have a soul connection to. My healthy life includes prayer or frequent conversation with God. If you feel called to prayer or to extending your practice of prayer, I invite you to make it personal. Do what feels inspired. Speak from your heart and your gut. Allow Spirit to guide you. See how prayer can personally activate and stimulate your life. What are your own benefits of prayer? Who do you visualize yourself speaking to in moments of prayer?

I believe prayer can benefit everyone, if only you know how to make it your own and get in touch with your emotions. Consider it a throat and sacral chakra exercise as well. It can also stimulate our solar plexus as well, as we assert what we desire with intention to get it done. We are powerful.

Do you incorporate prayer in your life? Do you feel called to prayer? I would love to hear about your journey!