You Are The Universe

This is a message of hope. It is a message of realizing, understanding, your true potential. If you are feeling down, you have the potential to feel unconditional love. If you are feeling great, like you are making progress in this life, you have the potential to grow infinitely more, beyond your wildest dreams.

Since my spiritual awakening a little over a year ago, I have grown and grown. I have realized my shadow, that I even had a shadow, and transmuted many aspects to love. I have realized the importance of self-development and how that so perfectly ties into spirituality and Truth. I developed a dream. I dreamt of being my own boss, never reliant on the corporate world or working to develop someone else’s dream. I dreamt a beautiful, magical life for myself. A year ago, I started my blog. Today, I have a website with a clear(er) vision of what I am trying to accomplish and my own business to boot. In this way, I have made progress. For a while, however, I felt stuck, at a standstill. I had the vision in mind of what I wanted to create, but if I am being honest with myself, I did not have the necessary action steps behind my vision to make it happen. I was focusing my intention but not getting to work, down to the nitty gritty. I thought, “All happens as it is supposed to in Divine timing. If this is my path and what I can do to help the world, it will happen.” In an essence, I was 100 percent correct but only because now, I am making it happen. No more spiritual bypassing my dreams into accepting laziness. Time to make (key word, action verb) my dreams come true.

So, something clicked in me. I started receiving signs about taking action, about how intention and vision without action are useless. I could have rationalized these signs away, but I am glad I did not. I am grateful I chose to move forward. I am grateful for progress and self-accountability.

And here I am today. It has only been a few days, but I have shifted so much. I feel inspired, rejuvenated, and my vision has all but consumed my time and energy. I am moving forward. This shift has taught me a lot, but the greatest gift, perhaps, is the realization of my true potential. I had a dream, but now I am in the thick of it. I am living my path, and I am growing so much. I feel myself holding more and more of my light body, ready to get things done and take on the world. Even more, I understand there is so much more progress to be made, that I have the potential to make, and it excites my very being. I am just getting started.

This message is for you. However you view yourself currently, however positive or negative you feel about yourself, your progress, and your path, you have the potential to grow, to be wowed by your every move, your life, and your mission. This is your time, and the time is now. If you feel stuck, keep going. Take action that supports what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel. If you feel great, keep going. Dream bigger, I say to you. Do not limit yourself by your self-inflicted barriers of your mind. You are a beautiful wonder of a creature. Make the effort, and trust the process. Surrender, and keep going.

As you continue to move forward, more and more aspects of yourself will start to resurface and appear, ready to be integrated. Do the inner work. Get to know yourself, deeper and more clearly. Continue to set intentions for what you want and what you want to accomplish and get done. Visualize what you want, set your intention, and move forward to make it happen. You hold the power within every cell of your being that you are looking for. It is just for you to ask for, be open to, tap into, nurture, and grow. Do not limit yourself. Never lose sight of living in the moment, in each and every beautiful moment. Enjoy what you do; do what you enjoy. Treat your body and your life as a sacred vessel and experience, and focus on what nurtures and excites your soul. Feel yourself grow and grow. Feel the progress you have made. Be excited for what's to come. You can grow exponentially, beyond your wildest dreams and your current understanding of yourself. Never forget, you are the universe.