The Lunar Eclipse & The Expression of Our Ego

When I met with Lynn, a mentor of mine and who I wrote about in a prior blog, she updated me on the current state of the energies. All she had to say so closely mirrored my personal experiences and what I had been going through over the past months. As she elated this information, I had no idea how closely attuned to nature’s energies I was. She explained how the summer months were almost static, stationary, but in the past couple weeks we were receiving a resurgence of energy. This spoke to a T of how I was feeling. Over the summer, I was not depressed. Rather, I enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as possible with frequent trips to the beach. However, I put only minor work and effort into my business. I simply did not have the creative drive to go further. This left me feeling a bit unfulfilled, but I was committed to growth and moving forward. I trusted the process and enjoyed summer’s beauty. As of the week prior to meeting with Lynn, I felt shocked with inspiration and creativity. It was as if instantly, my business was all I could think about and put my energy into building. What a perfect time to be meeting with Lynn, I thought to myself.

Lynn had also explained to me that 2016 is a “9” year in numerology, as 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 6 equals 9. This symbolizes the end of a cycle. Next year would be a “10” year which further reduces to “1” making it the start of a new, 9 year cycle. We have been experiencing many changes over the past few years. For me, this meant my spiritual awakening. I awakened to a greater part of myself, the universe, God, and life itself, sending me in a tailspin of directions searching for truth. As we come to close out 2016, we are going to be taking all we have learned with us into 2017 and the new cycle. All these incorporated changes will be our new foundation to the start of something new.

As much as we have learned, there is equal or more for us to shed. For us to hold higher and higher frequencies, we need to hold the space, make the space to do so. This means releasing old habits, destructive patterns, and that which does us harm. It means letting go in the greatest sense of the phrase. Realize that forgiveness does more for you than for the people you forgive. It means letting go of the dense energies that are bringing you down and cutting the unhealthy cords of attachment to those you have chosen to forgive. As we wind down 2016, we will be called to do more and more releasing while stabilizing our foundation for the new year ahead. You may have recurring dreams or dreams related to your past. What are they calling you to analyze and let go? You may have memories of your past, or people of your past may come to resurface. How do you handle these situations? Or, you may just be continuously triggered in your day to day life, allowing you to witness firsthand what you are still holding onto that needs to be loved and thanked for its purpose in your life, allowing you to see a deeper aspect of yourself. Above all, focus on love. Come from your heart center, and all will be transmuted. Pray for guidance. Meditate in the stillness. See what calls out to you.

Since meeting with Lynn, I have put extended stock into following energy grids, how I feel, and how the two tie in together. Over the past couple weeks, you may have felt physically ill, exhausted, had trouble sleeping, or felt warn down. The universe is acting on you to purge. Ride out the storm, and see how much lighter you soon feel. This takes us into tonight, the night of September 16, a full moon and lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon. The moon is fully exposed in all of its beautiful glory. At some point during my awakening, I realized with quite certainty that the moon represents our ego, our shadow side. For all the light in us we have, we have our ego to reflect back our subconscious beliefs about the matter. Think of the Earth as you - incarnate in this life in your material body. On one hand, you have the sun, a stable force in your life, always there, always shining. The sun is your Higher Self, your higher perspective, and the beaming light of love within your heart. On the other hand, you have the moon, your ego, still always there, and always circling around you, playing off the light energy you are attempting to receive from the sun and from your Higher Self. In the same way, this analogy works on a worldly scale, incorporating each and every life species and the totality of Earth. For as long as we have a moon in the sky, we will have our ego, on an individual as well as collective basis. We can, however, learn to recognize this part of our awareness. Although the ego functions to keep us in survival mode, we can understand how this holds us back in our limiting beliefs and patterns. We can love our ego, even if it does not love us back. We can recognize the ego’s sole purpose is to keep us alive. For this, the ego is beautiful. Can you truly deny the beauty of the moon?

So, tonight represents the totality of this depiction. The moon is out in full swing, full and front and center. Our ego is out to play, ready to be exposed. Perhaps tonight may be a good night for a full moon ritual and some moon gazing. It may be a lovely idea to journal out any ideas or expressions you may have. Keep your journal close in hand as you lay in nature. Write down all that comes to mind. See how you are expressing hidden aspects of your subconscious.

In this thing called life, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles and the work to live mentality of our society. It is easy to lose focus on what truly matters. “What truly matters” may be differently expressed among people, but in the simplest sense, it is love, as that is what we are all striving towards and evolving towards in our universal consciousness. If you can, take some time tonight to focus upon this principal. Look at the moon, the literal and metaphorical representation of your ego. See just how beautiful it is, and understand its purpose. Take this understanding to your own ego, and give it an energetic hug and burst of love. Stay committed, and stay true to your path, for you are in for quite a ride.