The Energy of Giving & Receiving

We are spiritual bodies having a human experience. This much is true. As spiritual beings, we use energy to get things done. We receive energy, leaving us rejuvenated and refreshed. We give energy, at times leaving us drained and tired. After all, there is only so much energy in our energy pool each day.

Many people have full time jobs in which they feel so completely drained by the end of the day. They come home, and all they can manage to do is put on the television set, numbing their feelings and unknowingly giving even more energy away. Why are they so drained, and why do they feel this way? Well, it may not be that their jobs are so physically exerting, per se. Rather, there may be an unequal energy exchange that is occurring throughout their work day. They are giving for eight hours straight and receiving very little energy in return. This creates an energetic imbalance.

So how do we fix this problem? How do we make sure we do not unknowingly drain our energy and that there is instead an equal energy exchange? Being mindful is key. Start to really tune in and pay attention to what drains you and what rejuvenates you. We are all born sensitive and empathic, but we are taught to tune out to this part of ourselves. It is time to tune back in, beautiful souls. Truly listen and pay attention to what your spirit and your body (because your body has consciousness, too) are telling you. It might seem “easy” to sit in front of the television for hours, but do you really feel good afterwards? Of course not. You might feel zapped with no sense of where your time and energy went.

Be mindful of your actions. Be mindful of each and every moment. Live in the moment. Pay attention to your emotions and how you physically feel. Let your emotions be your guide, and take action when and where appropriate. If the above example sounds like you and you constantly feel drained from your full time job, there are steps you can take to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Throughout the day, take a few mindful breathes, deep breaths in and out. It is the simplest form of meditation. Breathe in all that is good for you. Breathe out, and release all that no longer serves you. Gossip is also common in the work place. Try to tune out from these conversations. It does not serve your soul to engage in gossip and spend your precious energy supply on such a matter. When you have a lunch break, be very mindful of what you are putting into your body and spending energy on digesting.

As a society, we have become very unconscious eaters. We eat what we are physiologically addicted to: sugars, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives, etc. These dense foods have very little if any life force energy and can leave us feeling completely zapped, dense, and uncomfortable. As you work towards becoming a mindful, conscious, and intuitive eater, you will be left feeling rejuvenated and alert after eating. You will be eating what truly nourishes your soul and your body. Pay attention to what you are eating and to every bite you eat. See how your body reacts to different foods and food groups. Let your body dictate to you what it wants you to eat, how much it wants you to eat, and when it wants you to eat. Try to go against your habits and comfortability. We get full blown addicted to habits that we do not exactly know what we are doing to ourselves and how our bodies truly feel. Go against the grain of comfortability, but move with the current of your body feeling good. Tune into the vibration or energy of all that you eat. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices have the most life force energy. “Dead” food, such as processed foods and meats, can weigh you down and leave you with less energy than before you ate. If you feel yourself wanting to wean from certain foods, do so with love, attentiveness, and care. Your eating habits have been with you since conception, as your mother’s eating habits as well as her emotional attachment to food and her emotional state during her eating times affects you via osmosis. This means it can take a lot of time, care, and persistence to make changes. When you start to notice positive changes in your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, you will know you are on the right track and will love and want to keep going.

Food is a sort of addiction many of us have, either knowingly or unknowingly. Becoming a fully conscious eater is a great and positive change you can make for yourself and for the world. Becoming conscious means paying attention. When you pay attention, you will start to pick up on the signs your body is giving you. You will become an intuitive eater, knowing exactly what your body wants and when it wants it. You will crave specific foods and maybe not consciously know or understand exactly why and the underlying vibrational or physiological reasons, but you will know your body is calling for them. That, you will respect and honor. At times you may eat more. At times you may eat less. It is a process and a journey, continuous and cyclical.

If you feel your body wants you to give up a certain food or food group, such as dairy, for example, and you are having a hard time letting go to your attachment, there are steps you can take to help ensure the process along. Prayer always helps. Ask your angels and guides to help clear any energetic debris or attachments to this food or food group. Or, go straight to the Source. Ask God for help, and know it will be done. It will be the knowingness that it is possible that will complete the process. Also, you can perform an energetic chord cutting. Envision a chord attached from you and to the food you are giving up. How thick is the chord? What color is it? Is it tangled, or is it straight? Envision a giant scissor that cuts the chord and a vacuum to take away the debris. And so it is. Chances are, these foods were draining your energy, and now you are reclaiming your power and energy store.

You can also use these methods on other addictions or unhealthy attachments, such as people who drain you and make you feel bad or less than. The power is yours. Release your fear. Reclaim your power. You will feel so rejuvenated afterwards, as you have let go of people, things, and situations which drain you.

It is time to pay attention. Take control of your life. Add meaning to your life. Do more of what makes you feel good. Do less of what makes you feel bad. See how refreshed you feel, and honor yourself for your journey and your progress. Take a step back and appreciate the progress you have made. Sit and bathe in the sheer bliss of gratitude. You are a beautiful sight to behold.

I hope to hear all about your journey.