Moving Forward

I remember about a year ago, I had just dropped out of my dietetic internship, no longer on the path to becoming a registered dietitian, but newly inspired with a renewed sense of self. I sat down in the scenic woods at my mother’s boyfriend’s house and channeled my first of many blog posts. It came so naturally and so easily, and I loved the feeling of creating. What a blissful feeling that was. How easy it was for me: I thought up an idea in my head, had a few opening sentences, sat down, and “ran” with it. I typed away, easily and almost effortlessly. I had just done something that even I thought was a bit crazy, dropping out of an internship I worked SO hard to get into, but through blogging and creating, I was making something of it. I was setting along my new life’s path. Since starting my blog a year ago, I have undergone changes, reached the top of metaphorical hills, and also stumbled over my own two feet. The path is not a straight line, a wise person once said. Rather, it is quite cyclical. You learn lessons, only to relearn them time and time again, each turn of the cycle going deeper into the root issue of what caused your uneasiness in the first place. And here I am, a year later, still stuck in the mud for many of the same, core reasons, but perhaps, just maybe, the mud is a little less deep.

Since one year ago, I have transformed my blog into a website and my website into a business. I joined Arbonne as an independent consultant, my first way of creating my own income. I have felt confident. I have struggled. All this while, I have held fast to my journey of self-discovery, the true meaning of spirituality. The thing about spirituality, though, is it allows me to see the greater picture of my experience. Thus, I am “okay” with struggling. I am “okay” with feeling stagnant. It will all work out, I tell myself, as long as I hold fast to my vision and continue to surrender to my greatest good. But here I am today. Do I continue to feel “okay” with complacency? Or do I make a conscious decision to move forward, take one giant footstep into progression? It is a new day, and I am ready to take that step. Thus, here I am, writing this message.

I have this idea that everything comes to you when you are ready for it, so, I have not spent too much time or effort trying to force the issue of self-defined success. But it is time I realize that truth requires not only knowledge but effort, action. I can forge the issue. Move forward. Feel uncomfortable. Push myself. Do not what comes lazily but what comes easily with effort and a hint of passion.

This message is for you. Do you feel uncomfortable with your complacency? Do you wish you could move forward? Perhaps the first step is to surrender to where you are. Feel okay in the now. You are a beauty to behold. Then, take action. Move forward. Where you want to be is only a mindset away, but with that mindset comes action to back up your claim.

Does someone else’s success trigger you into judgment and feelings of inadequacy? Guess what. The success that you judge someone else to have is only an aspect of yourself that you can tap into, nurture and grow. Rather than judging, choose to honor others for their success and alignment to their journeys. No, I may not be Organic Olivia, but I am ME, and that is beautiful in itself. Likewise, you are you, and you are beautiful.