The Pyramid Effect

I have long been attracted to pyramids and triangles. Something about them is so regal, so divine, as if they contain their own powerful, transformative energy.

As I sat in meditation today, the idea of a triangle came to me as a representation of our whole human body. In this lifetime, here today, we sit as beings of flesh. Thus, each point on the triangle can represent a means to nourish or "feed" the body. We feed our body by feeding our spirit. We feed our body with proper nutrition. And we feed our body with regular exercise.

How can we feed our spirit? Well, through meditation, prayer, coaching, yoga (which is also a form of exercise)... We can surrender ourselves through such methods to be in the now. We can forgive our past to be in the now. We can honor the unknown and our future to be in the now.

When it comes to nutrition, please notice that I purposely chose the word nutrition rather than food. Unfortunately, what counts as food today should not be so, so let's choose to instead focus on nutrition and nourishment. Focus instead on Focus Foods: kale, spinach, ginger, turmeric, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, blueberries, strawberries, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, etc., etc., etc. There is so much variety to be had, if only we take a greater look, or a smaller look in a sense. Fruits and vegetables are too easily thrown around as just two of the food groups. What if they are really what we should be eating the great majority of the time, with the occasional inclusions of other food groups and items such as eggs and white fish? Focus on that.

We also nourish our body through regular, dedicated exercise that we feel wonderful about. This can be whatever you like! For me, I love a nice run/walk around the block on a beautiful, sunny day. I also enjoy doing weighted yoga bedside along with my exercise ball. I am able to get in a full body, mind, and soul workout with just two simple exercise materials, but you may not need any at all! The point is to get moving and to feel great about what you are doing. Feel the burn, so to say.

As we work on each point on the pyramid, the energy works together and helps each other out. The more you eat healthy, the more you may be inspired to exercise. The more you feel mentally positive, the more you may feel a natural rhythm of eating healthy. Alas, the other side is true. The less you feel wonderful about yourself, the less you may exercise and seek out the "healthy" option in the fridge. Like attracts like. As you begin to focus on these energies, you will see these truths to be true.

Love and light,