A Day to Give Thanks: My Thanksgiving Blessing for You

Today is Thanksgiving, a day dedicated and centered around the vibration of gratitude or giving thanks. It is a day many of us have the blessing to spend with our loved ones, eat lots of food, and be merry. I wish for all of you the very best of Thanksgivings. I wish for you to marinate in the love and presence of your loved ones. I wish for you to enjoy your day off and to leave all your stresses and worries at the door or at the office. This is not spiritual bypassing. This is intentional focus on what truly matters and all you have to be thankful for today. A big thank you, of course, to all our service men and women who are not able to be with their loved ones today as they have dedicated themselves to our health and well being. I will miss my boyfriend, as he is on the job as a police officer, but I am proud of all he stands and works for and infinitely blessed to have him by my side.

If you follow me and my work, you may have picked up on the fact that I often talk about gratitude. Gratitude is an integrate part of my spiritual practice. As I explain, it is the energy, or close aligned energy, of abundance. As you focus and step into gratitude, appreciating what you have in your life, you align to the energy of abundance. In those moments of gratitude, you have it all. The more you focus upon and dwell in gratitude, the more abundance freely streams to you. In the energy of gratitude, you are farthest aligned from scarcity, lack, or poverty. You are not a match to the idea of needing more than you have because you already have it all. Thus, everyday is Thanksgiving in its own right, as we all have infinite to be grateful for each day, more than we can truly comprehend. It is up to you to see this and its many benefits.

In times of distress, it is important to ground ourselves. It is important to step outside of our limited personal perspective and realize it is our own thoughts which bring about our own suffering. In most instances of fear, anxiety, or worry, our body is reacting to the thoughts of our mind, causing an emotional and often physical reaction. Yet, nothing has truly happened yet. Even in your darkest hour, you are truly blessed, if only you choose to see this.

Perhaps the next time you are down, you can step outside your perspective and view your situation from the eyes of another. This can often be humbling and actually allow some of your anxiety or fear to subside, putting your worries into a more worldly perspective or collective understanding. What you take for granted would often change the lives of many. Do you have eyes to see and read this article? You are blessed. Do you have a computer or phone to read this from? You are blessed. Do you have electricity to charge the device from which you are reading this? You are blessed.

So today, dear souls, I challenge you. I challenge you to see beyond your own perspective, your little peephole into the world. I challenge you to bathe in gratitude today and moving forward. Each day, each moment is a reason to give thanks. Each second is a reason to drown in the awe of your existence because you, my love, are a miracle.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful day with family and friends. I hope you live in each moment with happiness, peace, love, and compassion. I hope you maintain the beauty of this day into your life moving forward and appreciate just how powerful gratitude can be. May you and your loved ones be infinitely blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!