I Am A Writer

I am a writer. A bit obvious I suppose, but very true, and oh so empowering. This is one of but many epiphanies lately. I am recognizing Self, and surrendering to the highest path of what feels good. Writing feels good. It is free flowing, and pure, a path of least resistance. It is not forced; it simply comes. A form of channeling that comes most natural to me.

I hold memories of being a young girl, dreaming of being an author. It felt overwhelming. How could I write an entire book? While in truth, this still feels a bit intimidating, though less so, as I continue to align, transcend limiting beliefs, and feel into my highest calling. And by now, it is every bit obvious to me that the universe whole heartedly supports my writing career. By this time next year I will be the published co-author of a women’s wellness book and the published lead author of a book of my own concept and design.

At the start of 2017, I put a publishing contract on my vision board to start the new year. I thought to myself, I have this dream of being an author. While I am not ready for it now, I am open to it and setting my intention. I saw this dream as being lightyears ahead. Yet, within days I was offered the co-author opportunity. Nearly instant manifestation that aligned to my intention of not being ready to write an entire book just yet. The universe was prepping me and still is.

And so recently, a second co-author opportunity presented itself that felt resonant. I met with my publisher. I liked the concept of the book, yet I felt guided to let it go. I thought, ideally, I do not want to pay to be published, as I would as a co-author, prior to earning back in royalties and personal sales. I want to be paid to write. I messaged my publisher that I would be passing on the book, and she instantly offered back my lead author deal. In this case, I am paid significantly. Instant manifestation birthed from a sense of wonder.

For so long, I focused on being a coach. I thought, the more clients, the more income. If I have “x” clients a week, I make “x” amount of money and so forth. I had every bit of good intentions, and I have grown a beautiful community and touched the lives of many, as they have touched me. However, I know now there is a reason why my coaching business did not blow up in the way of being able to fully support me financially. From my present awareness, this is not where I am meant to solely dedicate my energy. There is more for me to do.

I am changing, and I am growing. Writing feels so good, and it is a big part of why I am here. For so long people would ask me what I would do, and something inside me just felt so off in trying to explain myself. “I am a spiritual life coach” just never completely encapsulated me. It did not completely align. “I am a writer” is perfectly aligned and empowering. It feels me, and it feels free, a way to express myself and connect with others. Labels can be limiting, or they can be empowering. In this case, I choose empowerment.

Letting Go of Who You Think You Are

If you check my history of articles, you will notice how the month of December I focused on re-exploring my love of the Yankees and Major League Baseball. I had been so hyper focused on my own spirituality in the recent years, that perhaps I did not see the “point” in my love of the Yankees. However, the heart wants what it wants, and my Yankee love is here to stay. I let go of who I think I should be (ultra spiritual), to make room for who I am (a lover of Yankee baseball). There is no judgment of who we are, of our soul desires. They just are, and by honoring our passions, especially those that have been suppressed, as we allow them to resurface, we honor ourselves. We honor our journey and our path, and we honor ourselves by allowing ourselves to be as we are, whatever this may look like and whoever this may be.

What does your heart want? What are you passionate about? What makes your heart sing? This is the soul’s way of getting you to pay attention, to wake up. When you think of baseball or sports in general, you may not think “spirituality,” but all is spiritual, as all is One. There is nothing outside of spirituality, from the perspective of Oneness and non-duality. We are here for purpose, for exploration, and for growth. We are here to explore what the human experience has to offer, and this includes and even emphasizes all of humanity’s kinks and individualities: food, sports, entertainment, and so forth. Be you, and enjoy what you enjoy. Simple as that.

Take some time today to ponder your suppressed passions, and take some time to ponder the nature of being who you think you should be, rather than being who you truly are. Allow for the real you to show up. What brings this real you joy, and how can you make more space for this in your life? What is the real you ready to let go of, to create more space for new opportunities and higher passions and experiences of joy? From the perspective of the outsider, the watcher, what in your life is unbalanced? In other words, what does not have an energetic balance or equal energetic exchange? Where are you giving more than you are getting back? (Cough, cough: in your job that you hate.) What does not feel good, and why do you believe you need to consistently exist in an environment that does not serve you or bring you joy? Why do you believe you have to suffer to receive what you desire? What if I told you, that everything you want is downstream? It does not have to be so difficult. The universe holds options. There is no one right path for any of us. Slip into surrender, and see what the universe desires for you to explore. Let go of your limiting thoughts, for they no longer serve you from this place of expansion. Let go of who you think you are: your elevator pitch, all your thoughts that serve to identify you as a being. How have these thoughts inhibited your growth? If you let go of who you think you are, you make space for who you truly are. Allow this person, this you, to show up. Give him or her the space to be present.

While in this human game, we experience the perceived good with the bad. There is stress, pain, and fear, but there is also joy, bliss, and love. All of these emotional states serve our expansion process. Honor your highs with your lows. And remember, the universe loves to play. The universe is magical and whimsical, constantly trying to make us smile, playing tricks on us. Invite this humor and sense of play into your life. Let the universe make you smile, and hold gratitude for this increase in vision you hold for the world, for this new state of being.

There is no right way to do things. We are all just here for the ride, and this life is truly what you make of it. Be easy on yourself. Allow yourself to be. Allow yourself to fail, though there are no failures in truth. Know that whatever choice you make is ultimately the right one. It is ultimately serving you and pushing you along the path of highest growth and expansion. Know that all you desire for yourself exists, and it is just a matter of alignment, of allowing yourself to receive that which you ask for. And, finally, know that the universe always has your back. No ifs, ands, or buts. All is serving you and conspiring in your favor.

Magic & The Butterfly

I proposed the idea of choosing one word for the new year to my online community. Consider this a one word frequency stamp on 2018, I said. Responses flooded in. For some, it would be a year of wonder, of joy, and for others, a year of prosperity and love. As I wrote this post, my own word was yet to be unveiled. I did not intend to force a response or word. I simply intended to allow it to reveal itself, through my highest alignment, with Spirit. And so it did. 2018 is my year of the butterfly.

A suiting word, perfect in fact, and from the moment it revealed itself, my external reality confirmed it with butterfly memes and synchronicities. As a spiritual teacher and conduit for collective energies who learns through her experiences in order to share them, 2018 is *our* year of the butterfly.

The year of freedom, of rebirth. The year of renewal. A butterfly birthed from her cocoon, setting free from all that weighed her down, from limiting thoughts and beliefs, and all that no longer serves her. She is light, free. She is fearless, confident, beautiful. She walks with an undeniable radiance that can only be admired, or perhaps shunned, for she is also the catalyst. She has walked through her shadows, faced her demons, and she admires and stands in her darkness. Perhaps the inner critic still exists, though it no longer has its mighty hold. She is breaking free from all the chains of the once heavy hand of her ego-based mind, though she honors and accepts these experiences and this voice, for this is also an aspect of Self, one that longed to be heard and held, though is gaining acceptance for what is.

So with this butterfly, comes a pinch of magic, for the butterfly and magic can only go hand in hand. The butterfly: a divine spark of magic. Is it possible to view a butterfly yet not believe in the magic of the universe? 2018, in short, is the year of big things. If you are reading this, chances are you will experience big, life-changing shifts in the upcoming year. I sense, it may not be so hard this time around. Challenges always await us; however, I feel a genuine sense of lightness, creativity, bliss, and beauty for the year ahead. 2018 has a sense of spunk, and it does not always have to be so hard. Curtailing challenging situations and feeling free in the highest sense does not mean you are avoiding your shadows or spiritually bypassing. It may just mean you deserve better, and you have full awareness of this. You are learning, whilst creating the life of your dreams, believing in the power of you, and allowing the universe to show you the way.

An Intuitive Hunch

Can you imagine, someone with NO managerial, not even coaching experience, the manager of the New York Yankees? It is true. It is so. And I wanted it. I felt it. I liked Girardi. I did not necessarily want him gone. I was sad to see him go, in fact. I could not picture someone I could vibe with more than him. That’s one thing about the Yankees and why I am such a big fan. I just vibe, as simple as that. I vibe with Joe Girardi. I vibe with their youthfulness. Over the years I have vibed with certain players. I vibe with the team history. I vibe with the fact the owners want to win, and we have a genius general manager. I just vibe. I am lucky to be a Yankees fan. Being a Yankees fan is a true stamp of abundance. I did not choose my Yankee fandom. I was born into it. I felt it, and I love it. And so I am grateful. Being so aware of my own divinity and spiritual nature, I said today to a friend, I am not sure if there is a reason for this spiritual connection to baseball or to the Yankees, but it brings me joy, and so I honor it. Perhaps the reason is that there is no reason at all. Perhaps I am just meant to share, to express. There is obviously some deeply integrated soul connection I feel. Perhaps I was a player in a past life, as a male or as a female. I am athletic and very strong for my size. I always loved gym class. Yet I was always girly, in every other way.

I am feminine, a feminine being. Yet I have a core obsession with something people would more readily identify as being masculine. I watch MLB Network. I listen to sports radio in the car, but only when aligned. If the show pertains to baseball, absolutely. Or, if I vibe with the host, okay. I can’t do football or other sports, really. They feel too harsh. Baseball is light. It feels good. It feels playful and oh so fun.

So back to the new Yankees manager. It is none other than Aaron “effing” Boone. Like I said, I did not want Joe Girardi gone, yet having a deep sense of trust in Cashman and in the universe, I let go. I decided to trust the process. Names of potential candidates started to surface. Naturally, I have to have my pick. Rob Thomson, nice guy but nope. Eric Wedge? A big no. The only guy I had a genuine good read on was Al Pedrique, their AAA manager, yet he never received an interview. And even so, it was not a strong feel. I really did not resonate with anyone, making me miss Joe Girardi ever slightly. Until, Aaron Boone, ESPN analyst, was all of a sudden thrown into the mix. My intuitive senses started jumping. This is the guy I wanted. I felt it instantly. But he has no managerial experience. He has no coaching experience. He went to the booth after hanging up his cleats. Could he handle jumping right into a managerial role, and for this up and coming Yankees team? As Michael Kay, YES and ESPN broadcaster put it, it is like getting your license for the first time and being handed the keys to a Bentley, in a parallel to the highly touted Yankee roster.

Apparently, Cashman and I are on the same wave length, because the guy who everyone thought would be the last guy to win the job, was the unanimous choice of Cashman and his staff. I was at work when I received a notification that it was down to Boone and one other candidate. Moments later, Boone is announced. I was so happy. Did I manifest this, or did I just have an intuitive sense? Both, perhaps. As soon as I heard Boone’s name, I knew he was my guy. I felt into that feeling repeatedly. I never had a sense of doubt. I had trust and an inner knowingness. I was excited about the prospect yet emotionally detached at the same time. Sounds like the key to manifestation to me. Perhaps coupled within was my intuitive knowingness of the situation. I felt an energetic mastery with Boone as manager. He is lighthearted, a great clubhouse guy, confident, and intelligent. He will do just fine.

For the Love of the Yankees

As I sat thinking about what to write for my first article this month, I thought how the best writing comes from a place of passion, drive, and a true love of whatever I am expressing. Okay, easy, I thought. Why not just write about the Yankees? But this is so far removed from what I normally discuss in my online presence. People know me as the spiritual nutritionist, a reader, or life coach. They do not know me for my love of baseball, specifically for the New York Yankees. I am currently in an e-course for spiritual women entrepreneurs. My journal prompts today discussed the nature of being myself in my business. Where am I holding myself back? My business is my baby, but it is also me, an extension of me. So here I am, expressing my love of the game and my favorite team, showing you more of my authentic Self, and perhaps opening your mind to the nature that All is spiritual, as all is One.

The Yankees may as well be ingrained in my DNA. My first game was in the womb when my mother was pregnant with me. We continue the tradition to this day by going to at least one Yankee game each year together as a family. A time does not exist where I did not know of the Yankees or feel their significance. There were some auspicious moments over the years. When I was around four years old, my mother, father and I were at Fuddruckers, a local food chain with games for kids. I saw my parents get into a discussion with the person next to us online. There was a little boy my size. We started playing together in the ropes which formed the line. I was too shy to speak. The man my parents spoke to was Bernie Williams, the now legendary Yankee outfielder, but at the time an up and coming player. The little boy was his son. I have remembered this moment so clearly over the years, yet at the time I did not know who Bernie Williams was. But as I grew into my Yankee fandom, I always loved and appreciated that memory.

I have also been at some amazing games, in fact, too many to remember. The most impressive, perhaps, is David Cone’s perfect game in 1999. I was eight years old at the time and had no clue what was going on, but I remember the significance of it and how much everyone was freaking out in the stands. I was also at the game where Jeter dove into the stands versus Boston. The moment he dove, however, was the moment I turned my head to get popcorn, of course, a slightly frustrating yet hilarious memory. I also saw some of my all-time favorite players, players I watched my entire life who I thought would never leave, play their last games: Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera. I was also at Jeter’s last game, but he is not one of my favorite players, sorry not sorry to be controversial.

As I grew older, in high school, it became more than just a casual love with a team. I fell in love. It was my untapped passion. History never stuck with me as a kid. It may as well have gone in one ear and out the other. Yet, I could read Mickey Mantle’s 1956 statistics once and forever know them. It all came so natural to me. I loved learning about their minor league system too. I predicted Brett Gardner’s success and knew exactly the type of player he would be. I loved the Yankees so much I wanted to be their on field reporter, the next Kim Jones. I pursed sports broadcasting in high school by attending two sports broadcasting camps, and I went off to Manhattan College on a scholarship for broadcasting.

Alas, something sparked me along a different path, a path of science which eventually derailed to a full fledged spiritual awakening, but the part of me that lives for the Yankees still exists. In some parallel life where I chose to not pursue a spiritually based business, I know I am living my other dream of reporting for the Yankees.

Since I changed my major after my freshman year of college, my love for the Yankees began to take a backseat to other means of exploration and newfound interests such as nutrition and self-development. My Yankee fandom never dissipated completely, however, and slowly over the past few years, I have tuned right back into that instinctive call I feel within my heart. It is a method of inner child work. Watching and following the Yankees makes my heart sing, so I will continue to do just that.

This year in particular, I fell so in love with my team once again. Known this past season as the “Baby Bombers” due to their roster of impressive young players, lead by Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player runner up Aaron Judge, the first and only rookie to hit 50 homeruns in a season (he finished the year with 52), they had that “it” factor that made them so fun to watch. People love to hate on the Yankees, but it was hard to hate on this team. They are just too fun. This upcoming season, however, they have more of a target on their back. Fun and young they are, but they are also a top-notch team with a huge ceiling. The years ahead will be fun as a Yankees’ fan.

In college, perhaps I chose to focus more on my studies and being a college kid. I feel like my identify had to make up for the fact that I had made such a huge transition in switching out the mindset of becoming a Yankees’ reporter. I focused more on science, on nutrition, eventually on self-development, and, finally, spirituality.

Baseball is not spiritual. It’s too “3D.” I think I did for some time have this mindset. It is funny that I did, because I would never say or think such a thing now. Not only is baseball spiritual, as all things are from a higher perspective, but my connection to the sport and to my team feels very spiritual, a spiritual connection or bond, something that cannot be explained but just simply exists. My connection to the Yankees is childlike, light, and fun. It is joyous and, also, intuitive as I have been able to predict, read, or even influence the energy of game, when guided.

I feel grateful to have fully tapped back into my natural love of the game and of my team. I encourage you and invite you to spend some time thinking back over lost or suppressed passions. What did you used to do as a child that brought you great joy? What did you do simply for the love of doing it? Whatever these things are, do more of that, and live as that little girl or boy inside your heart. He or she never left. He or she has never gone anywhere. Your inner child is simply waiting to play.


Over the past few weeks, I have been in a period of experiencing intense, heightened emotions. I am increasingly energetically sensitive and have been experiencing sadness, pain, anxiety, but also joy, bliss, INTENSE gratitude, love, and more. In my heightened energetic state, it is truly the highs with the lows, the perceived “good” with the “bad,” but is this so? Is this real? Are “good” and “bad” true states of existence, and how does this relate to our experience with various emotional states?

When we experience emotional frequencies such as gratitude, love, joy, bliss, peace, we may inherently label our experience as “good” or “positive.” Conversely, when we feel sad, anxious, or angry, we may label this as “bad” or “negative.” This human construct of judgment keeps us in a state of duality. We perceive the world through a lens of good of bad. We judge how we feel. Sometime in our upbringing, we learned about good and bad, right and wrong. Perhaps we were taught not to cry, because crying is “weak” or “wrong,” forcing us to stuff down or suppress our emotions, which inevitably affects us in our waking state, as this emotion is unable to be released from our energy field, causing a blockage in how we receive and perceive information. Over the years, we continue to suppress our tears, suppressing our emotions and causing more disturbances in our aura, because no one tells us it is okay to cry. Our outlook on life may become more and more jaded. We may not be in touch with ourselves or our higher purpose. This is just one example of how our upbringing can influence us, our emotional state, and our lives, causing us to act out in a way which does not ultimately serve ourselves and our purpose, preventing us from making decisions which do serve us, out of fear, judgment, or any limiting belief we hold about ourselves or the world.

Sometime over our upbringing, we may have been taught not to feel, thereby suppressing, various emotions you hold judgment over. The human collective is in great need of spiritual allowance. Allow yourself to feel as you do. Allow yourself to be as you are. Release that which persists. Release your resistance. When uncomfortable emotions arise, feel into them. Bathe in them. Honor them. Simply, feel them. Be and exist in them. Release your preconceived ideas about good and bad in relation to your emotions. Emotions are neither good nor bad. They just are. If we allow this truth, we can come into a natural state of allowance with the various emotions we feel. Through allowance, we do not resist what feels uncomfortable. Our emotions are simply weather, ever passing through our field of consciousness. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it shines. There is no judgment in this. In truth, there is great beauty in all of our emotions and emotional states. Tears are beautiful. Smiles are beautiful. Your pain is beautiful because it is offering you an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Remember, through your pain and discomfort, the nature of forgiveness. Forgive others, for not understanding you, for hurting you, for bringing you down and judging you. Harder still, forgive yourself. Forgive all the earlier versions of you for not knowing what you know now. It is because of those earlier experiences that you learned, grew, and see now what you once could not.

As society comes to a collective understanding of the nature of our pain and releases judgment towards pain and various emotional frequencies, we will naturally transcend pain, as resistance releases. Pain will not be torturous or unbearable; it will just be. No longer will we feel the need to run from our pain because we have a deep understanding of the suppression this causes, ultimately prolonging and intensifying our pain. We will understand that emotions just want to be felt. They want to be heard and experienced. They want to be understood for the value they bring.

It is easy to understand how or why we may suppress undesirable emotions, but we must be mindful to not suppress our feel-good emotions either: love, joy, bliss, gratitude. It is great to feel great. Milk your gratitude. Milk your joy, your bliss, your passion. We may have limiting beliefs attached to positive emotions. Perhaps we were taught to suppress positive emotions, to be more serious and stern. Perhaps we have shame or guilt attached to feeling good, which inhibits our ability to feel positive emotions without slipping right into a lower frequency. Overall, the message is this: it is okay to feel as you feel. There is no right or wrong, good or bad way to feel. There is no “should.” There only is. You are beautiful, worthy, perfect as you are, in any state you are in. You are divinity incarnate, a divine piece of Oneness.


Loving Another More Than Yourself

Is it okay to love another more than yourself? I fell into this discussion with a loved one, which got me thinking, pondering about the nature of loving another more than yourself. Is this okay? And what is “okay” really? Ultimately, we are talking about health. Is it healthy to love another more than yourself? Are there times when it is healthy and times when it is unhealthy?

What I have found is that yes, loving another more than yourself can at times present as a healthy alignment. A beautiful example is the unconditional love of a parent for a child. The love is pure, selfless. The parent sees the child as the apple of his or her eye. The child is pure, perfect, worthy. The child can accomplish anything he or she sets out to do in life, in the eyes of the parent, in a state of pure, unconditional love. In a state of pure, unconditional love for another, you naturally see he or she as amazing, beautiful, able to do anything in life. There is nothing unhealthy about this. In fact, feeling into this frequency of unconditional love is pure, transformative, and, more than healthy, it is healing. Unconditional love is a very high frequency place to reside, no matter whether you are feeling it for yourself or for another.

So, what does this mean, then? How could we love another more than ourselves? Well, take a look at yourself and your relationship with yourself. Do you think highly of yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you have a positive self-image? Overall, what is your quality of life? Chances are, due to social and societal conditioning, you have some gaps in self-love. I encourage you to strive for self-love. Strive for passion, a positive self-image, a true love of oneself. Have fun. Play. Enjoy this life, this body, and this experience. The experience of having unconditional love of another can provide a template for treating our gaps in self-love. Do you think as highly of ourselves as you think of this other being? Why do you not feel worthy of the same appraise? You do, beloveds.

I believe loving another more than yourself can only become unhealthy at the point where it can become self-deprecating. For example, say you are in a relationship with someone you have true unconditional love for. You may view them so highly, as to put them on a pedestal. If you do not have the same respect for yourself, your mind can wander into a space where you are unworthy to be with this other being, or you may compare yourself negatively to him or her. Use this as an opportunity for deepened self-love. Deepen your connection with yourself and your heart. Pursue what sets your soul on fire. Live the life you have always dreamed of in the now by having the courage to know your worth. You are worthy, dear ones, and don’t you ever forget it.

We are entering a time of deepening the connection with the Self, learning about who we truly are and who we are not. We are not our limiting thoughts. We are not the voice inside our head which gets us down and stops us from pursuing our soul path. We are love. We are truth. We are a Divine piece of God connected to the All, having a shared experience to bring about a new paradigm of love on this planet. Forgive yourself and others. Live in compassionate presence for yourself and those around you. Love yourself as deeply as you can, and share your this love with all those you meet. You are a beautiful spark of heaven, and it is time to spread your light.

"The Awakened Aura:" A Book Review

“The Awakened Aura” is a book by Kala Ambrose that I picked up soon after purchasing and beginning to read another one of her books “The Awakened Psychic.” I felt drawn to “The Awakened Psychic” at Barnes & Noble, a book I felt would trigger me into remembrance regarding the use of my abilities, and it helped to do just that. At this point, I was feeling drawn to learn more about the aura. I was developing my first e-course, Nutrition for the Chakras, which I also used as an introduction to the aura and the seven subtle bodies. I knew, however, I wanted to dig deeper. I came across “The Awakened Aura” synchronistically, and I knew it was for me.

They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” which I always took ironically, even as a growing child. I have always judged a book by its cover, simply because I have always been able to connect to the energy of the book, without consciously reading what the book is about, and feel whether I have a strong resonance to it or not. A book’s cover is how I connect. I take in the energy of the book, and I know whether it is for me. The right books feel beautiful. Perhaps this is why I enjoy reading and feel connected to books. I thank my mom for this connection. She too has a deep, if not deeper, love of books, and I grew up in bookstores and surrounded by books of hers or my own. In the house I primarily grew up in, we had a library in the home in place of a third card garage. The wall was filled with shelves, Beauty and the Beast style. I had four shelves in the back bottom of the room. My memories of books and reading have always been quite bright and nurturing.

I knew I would love “The Awakened Aura” from first glance. I picked up a light, peaceful energy, yet one of wisdom. There was knowledge for me to attain in this book. My analysis turned out to be true. I deeply enjoyed reading this book. It kept my attention, which can be a difficult task, and I truly felt myself dive deep into Ambrose’s words. I wanted to soak it all in, often re-reading passages to really feel into the information. I have noticed in both books by Ambrose that I have read, I found myself really trusting her words and her authority on the issues she speaks about. The thing is in spirituality, there is no concrete information about how all of this works, as we are learning through extrasensory manners. There are no hard facts (yet) in the realm of spirituality. All is in a sense up for interpretation, which can feel a bit hazy for someone who likes to understand how things are. Ambrose has a very valuable perspective, one that resonates with me on this current stage of my journey. I truly value her interpretation of how all this all works. It is clear she is well-studied, practiced, versed in an array of areas. She has a clear, concise interpretation of all the information she shares. In other words, I believe her. “The Awakened Aura” woke me up even more to the important of our aura and keeping it clean through various methods which Ambrose teaches. I consider it a great skill to be able to read and see the aura, but one must have proper understanding of what it all means, which Ambrose so eloquently shares.

“What color is my aura?” is a commonly asked question in the spiritual world, especially if you are on Facebook groups. Responders comment back with maybe one color, sometimes a few colors. Some people’s answers will match up; others will not. Perhaps I should say, all interpretations are correct, and in a sense they are. However, I believe there is a disconnect between the aura as Ambrose explains it and the aura as commonly understood in the spiritual community, at least in this casual sense. The aura is actually more complex than one might think, but properly studying and being able to also see auras can offer so much insight into the overall health and well-being of a person.

The aura is constantly changing in colors. Its shape is even evolving. There are layers to an aura, just as there are layers to an onion. The etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, celestial, and ketheric bodies form the aura. Each layer holds different colors, which can change from moment to moment. There are, however, two main colors that will stay in the main auric field for the course of one’s life, unless the person or his/her life drastically changes, and other colors take over. The information is found within the colors of the aura. “Aura’s” chapter four is devoted to explaining the colors and what they all mean when found within the aura. She also explains various ways to bring in more of each color into our aura, such as via food, home décor, clothing, and crystals. Working with the various colors for healing or enrichment purposes is what I call color therapy, something I have also been passionate about learning and studying.

The chapters of Ambrose’s technique are all practical, enlightening, and rich in information. It is almost as if each are a mini book of its own. One chapter is titled “how the aura develops from childhood into adulthood.” This was all new information for me, and I loved learned about the development of the aura and how this relates to what we already know about child development. Ambrose explains how from birth to age seven, the openings between the spiritual and physical planes are wide around each child. The child’s body, mind, and spirit are actively downloading information from the Other Side, which sets the tone and direction for this lifetime. This explains why sleep is so important for infants and children, as they are receiving an abundance of information downloaded into their auric fields. Babies are also known to cry. Ambrose explains that one of the reasons why is to release pent-up energy. Babies’ bodies are working to fill up on energy, while also absorbing energy from the people around them because their fields are wide open. Babies’ auric bodies are still being formed, and so they do not have yet the ability to release energy in a physical, mental, or emotional manner. However, they need to release some energy they pick up from others, and crying allows them to do so. Crying also allows babies to breathe in fresh oxygen to assist in their development. “Babies need to cry,” she says, “so keep an open mind about it when you hear them cry and know they are doing what they need to do for their development.” Babies also cry for attention, for example if they are hungry or wet. If you determine your body is crying for attention, Ambrose suggests to hold them with a warm touch. I also surmise that it seems very important to monitor the energy around your baby. Be mindful of where they spend their time, who they are around. If you have or are around a baby, be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions, as they are taking this all in. Connect with the baby, and allow your light to shine bright. This is a healthy experience and interaction for the baby, as it is for you. Negative thoughts, emotions, and energies can be toxic for babies, as it would be for anyone else, but babies will cry as a result of them.

Ambrose explains the importance of thought on the auric field, which is all very relevant and current for me as well, as I have been delving into the Law of Attraction and manifesting. Ambrose’s perspective is unique, however, as she explains thought from the level of the auric field. She explains why thought works to manifest situations or objects in our physical reality, by explaining how this process works and what it looks like in the aura. When we focus on a thought long enough, Ambrose says, it forms a small gray cloud in the aura. If we continue to focus on an emotionally upsetting or negative though, the gray cloud will form into a stronger mass that can hold more energy. This is called a thought form. Thought forms can cause blocks in the way of what we want to achieve in life.

I wish Ambrose explained if there is a way to essentially transmute any negative thought forms in the aura. Do we simply stop giving it energy and it goes away? Can we transmute it now and have it dissipate from our aura? I recognize my negative thought forms, and I am ready to stop giving them energy and instead replace with positive thoughts, creating positive thought forms. However, I would have appreciated one of Kala’s quality energy exercises which she has throughout her book, or even an explanation of how thought forms disappear, if they ever do.

One who reads this book and follows her energetic exercises will surely become more energetically sensitive, aware, and comfortable with their gifts. In the midst of reading this book, I opened up much more via clairsentience. I started to feel energy from others and from environments. I could sense or feel connections between people. I recognized, from a feeling state, how all is energy, and if we understand and use this in a karmically beautiful way, we can have the most beautiful life.

“The law of attraction is based upon the understanding that energy follows thought, and focused thought manifests outwardly.” Ambrose warns that while the power to manifest with our thoughts is a beautiful gift, it is also very powerful. We need to make sure to have the knowledge of how thoughts affect others and how they can affect our karmic destinies.

In chapter seven, Ambrose gives a passionate excerpt, which essentially summates why the aura and auric care is so important. She begins to explain how medical science has undoubtedly advanced over the years, but there have been spiritual consequences.

“Medical science (representing the figurative head) became so enamored with what could be attached, replaced, and/or removed from the physical body (such as tumors, growths, and diseased organs) that it forgot about the heart and soul of the person, which also have a direct effect on the health of the body. Medical care began to focus on patching up and eradicating disease in the physical body, rather than exploring the idea of proactive health care and avoidance of disease. This regimen places the person in a loop of illness, because the root cause of the problem, where the disease is first manifesting in the mental and emotional auric bodies, is never treated. The result is that the physical disorder is cleared from the body for a short time only to reappear later if it has not been released from the auric fields.”

So, you may remove a tumor removed, only to develop another tumor, because the tumor or “junk” of your mind has not been cleared, causing it to still hold power within the aura. Thankfully, the world is catching up to this mind/body/soul connection. It is not that medical science does not have a place, but as more and more people realize the true root causes of illness and focus more on preventative medicine, such as having a healthy lifestyle and eating well, less of an emphasis or need for modern medical science will be present. The collective is also moving towards exploring holistic alternatives: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, healing temples, essential oils, crystal therapy, and plant based eating, to name a few. In my opinion, all you need is yourself and a willingness to heal and learn. Reading Ambrose’s account of the mind/body/spirit connection reignites my fire regarding this topic. I believe in the connection whole heartedly. It is a core of my business, and one reason I am so passionate about nutrition is because of its effect on the body, mind, and soul, not just the body, as you may be tempted to think.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the book is its final chapter, “experiencing the aura evolution” where Kala explains the ongoing changes in the aura which she has been witnessing over time. She relates these changes to the ongoing consciousness shift on our planet, our ascension process, and the Age of Aquarius. I am sure plenty have been tempted to read this chapter first. I thought about it, but I knew there was plenty of juicy information in the first ten chapters, so chapter eleven was like a sweet reward at the end of a beautiful book. Ambrose discusses the presence of an eight auric field and chakra. As I look at the clock it is 2:22, and my thought was, there must be auric fields and chakras beyond that. It is just that we are not yet equipped to see them because we have not reached that level of development. Ambrose explains that the eighth chakra oversees karma and disperses information from the Akashic records, which allows us to experience situations to work off our karma. This begs for Ambrose’s interpretation of karma, which I suspect she could write a book upon. She says that in the past, it could have taken lifetimes to burn off karma, but in this lifetime, it can take just days. That is amazing improvement on our collective ascension path.

Ambrose also mentions new crystalline structure that she has been observing in the aura since 1999. She says our light bodies are being reconstructed and are opening up to allow more light and energy to flow through. The structures create new energy cords, which form a grid around the auric body. Ambrose mentions how she sees these in people with significantly greater energy. Lastly, Ambrose explains the importance of releasing anything that does not serve you in order to embrace the coming light. We must cleanse our auric fields in order to move forward and go outside of our lower auric fields. She finishes with an energetic take on what is coming in the new decade. This book was published in 2011, so we are in the midst of her predictions. She talks about all the new information we are exposed to, as well as the power of belief and manifesting our thoughts. The year 2020 will be the mark of moving from knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom takes knowledge and puts it into action, discerning how it can best be used from the various reactions, she says.

Overall, this is a beautifully deep book that I was grateful to come across along my journey. This book presented itself to me just when I needed it and the vast information it contains. I connect to Ambrose’s grace and eloquence. She is an author I will continue to read, and I will look out for future publications, such as her latest book, “The Awakened Dreamer” coming out in December. I will leave you with Ambrose’s vision for the future.

“…we are moving into a new Age of Enlightenment in this new decade. The Aquarian information from the gods can no longer be contained, the Divine Feminine is being released in all her glory, and we will once again see a Renaissance period, where great art, architecture, philosophy, literature, and science will develop and flourish. During this decade, the greatest minds will stir to share, to illuminate, and to build and create works and ideas that will be admired around the world.”

Veganism: My First 30 Days

I have always had this noticeable relationship with food. I remember in middle school, telling a classmate that yes, I am a vegetarian; I just eat lobster. I did not really understand what I was really proclaiming, but there is a foreshadowing of truth within these years of youth.

Years later, I considered myself a true pescatarian – no meat, only fish. I then evolved into a full vegetarian, still eating dairy and eggs. I was comfortable here, but my diet stayed ever fluent. When I went to Europe for the summer after my undergraduate graduation, I ate meat, as a ways to explore the various cultures and in support of their more humane practices involving animal consumption. When I went to Mexico, I chose to eat fish. If I ever had a true craving for something outside of my diet over the years, I allowed myself to eat it.

This evolving relationship with food mirrored my studies and developed into a passion for nutrition. I have both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Nutrition. From growing up in an Italian household filled with fresh Mediterranean and Italian American dishes to my studies and food-related passions, nutrition, food, and cooking are an integral part of my identity.

Turning vegan was not a preconceived notion nor was it planned. After years of a primarily vegetarian diet, I woke up on September 5 suddenly and randomly inspired to make a change. I declared myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically able and willing to turn vegan, and it has been overall smooth sailing since.

I have had three slip ups. I purchased a chocolate treat from Trader Joe’s, reading the ingredients and declaring it vegan friendly. When I got home and tried one, I was inspired to read the ingredients again and discovered I missed “butter oil.” Oops. Another time I ate an English muffin assuming it was vegan but read the ingredients after. It contains milk. Another oops. My only known slip was at Ommegang Brewery in Upstate New York. I wanted to try the beer which contained toffee (milk based food). I had one sip. But, I am human. And considering I have neither had cravings for any animal products (cheese included!) nor faced true temptation over the course of the past month, I consider my timing perfect for making this choice. I have gone in 100 percent and am not looking back.

Talking about the benefits of this change that I have experienced is interesting and inspiring. My life has seemingly ricocheted since one month ago today. Energetically speaking, I have opened up. I have learned more and more about what makes me happy, what keeps me healthy, what honors my body. I have been increasingly honest with myself, made impossible decisions, felt more inspired and creative, and generally felt better about myself and my life. Physically, I have lost weight and felt more agile and healthy. I have not experienced any bloating. I have also been practicing yoga everyday and developed a truer appreciation for my body and the desire to treat it well.

Simply said, my life has grown in so many ways, in various directions over the past month. New opportunities have presented themselves. I am finding myself living in more of a feeling state of being on the right track, in gratitude, and I feel wholly passionate about my new dietary lifestyle. It feels like keeping my vessel pure. I do not even entertain having any animal products; they are no longer a temptation to me because I know what eating entirely plant based feels like. I have always been healthy, but I feel healthier and proud for making a positive decision for myself, one that lead the way or opened the door to a month of goodness and growth. I am in the midst of transformation, a butterfly birthing from her cocoon, and committing to a vegan lifestyle paved the way for this evolution to occur. If you genuinely feel better about yourself, you will start treating yourself better, whatever that means for you personally, and experience various benefits in all areas of your life. Veganism has been an act of self-love, as well as an act of love for the planet, the animals, and humanity itself, because I pave the way for others to follow in my footsteps, if they feel aligned. Yoga is another act of self-love, as is writing, reading, showering, spending time in nature, bonding with my dog, Leo, serving others (beautiful karma and the Golden Rule), and having an overall healthy, stress-free lifestyle, filled with love, enriching experiences, and a general trust and zest for life.

I was unsure if I would ever call myself a vegan, and it happened out of the blue, which I say as a nod to Kala Ambrose, an author I enjoy, and to something I read recently in her book “The Awakened Aura.” She explains that when people declare they did something or realized something “out of the blue,” they are unknowingly but accurately describing the auric field color around them. Their mental energy field connects with their intuitive abilities to draw the energy down into the aura, bringing the information to them. I received the intuitive insight to go vegan when I was meant to hear it and incorporate it, which is why it has been a rather easy transition. The timing was right. I was ready.

Though I am so passionate about and a bit obsessed with my new lifestyle, I am merely here to share my experiences, not force ideals on you, on clients, or on anyone. As a self-claimed spiritual nutritionist, I recognize that there is no judgment regarding food and what one eats from a higher perspective. If you are looking for a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lifestyle, I can help you get there, and the road may or may not include dietary revisions, depending upon what is right for you.

If you are reading this, feeling ready to make a positive change in your diet that will lead to increased happiness in all areas of your life, I invite you to start small. Assess your current diet. Focus upon what you can add to your diet, rather than what you can take away. You do not want to end up with a focal point on the food or foods you do not want to eat or are staying away from, as this can lead to increased resistance and, ultimately, eating the denied foods. Load up on more of the good; release focus on the foods or habits you wish to ween out. Eat more plants: fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Drink more water to flush your system and all the physical, mental, and emotional toxins you are cleansing as you better yourself. Make easy and healthy switches or adjustments. For example, choose to cook with coconut oil instead of butter, margarine, or vegetable oil. Purchase raw nuts instead of roasted. Commit to never using table salt and to only using Himalayan or another sea salt. There are various ways to improve your health and wellbeing without feeling like you need to revamp your lifestyle. You will feel inspired, proud, and passionate as you incorporate these or other small changes into your lifestyle, which may motivate you to keep going and continue to make healthier choices for yourself.

The world can be big and bad, but it can also be bright and beautiful, if only we have the eyes to see. The beginning stages of committing to a healthier lifestyle can feel overwhelming, as we are constantly surrounded by food, fast food, processed foods, and in general just a lot of “junk” that is passed off as food. It may start to become obvious how backwards our food and health system is, as we essentially have to keep our blinders on around the majority of the food we come across. Just know, I am proud of you for having the courage to live a happier and healthier life. A vegan lifestyle has showed me that it is possible to dream bigger. It is possible to be happier, to be more self-loving, and to feel freer. It is possible to live the life of your dreams and to be happy. Whatever it is you desire for yourself, I desire for you too, and I encourage you to step into your power and have the courage to get there.

The Power of Prayer

I write this article, a long time coming, as the first of an intended series: “The Power of…” I would love to discuss with you some powerful, ancient, yet current beliefs that I follow regularly as a part of my lifestyle. Prayer, for example, is one of these routines. Gratitude, an extremely powerful vibration, is another. I look forward to sharing with you just how transformative gratitude is if incorporated into your practice with a strong belief system behind it. In other words, you must truly be grateful! You must let it radiate your being throughout the day, any chance you get. Bathe in gratitude. The best prayer, in fact, is one of gratitude, but more on this later.

In prayer, we speak to the Divine: God, the universe, or your Higher Self. You communicate, expressing what you need to. If you find yourself in hard times, with a heavy heart, in a place of distrust or feeling lonesome, you can ALWAYS pray to your higher power. You are safe to release your burdens onto God; let them be His. You are taken care of and provided for. In the way we talk to, or pray to, God or your higher power, we would talk to a best friend or a parent. Release what needs releasing. Express your struggles and your burdens but also your joys and your passions. In this way, prayer is healing. Prayer is a means to express, rather than suppress, various energies. By having open this channel of communication, we know we always have a place we can come back to, to let go, to let out whatever is on our minds or in our hearts. In expressing our highs and what brings us great pride and joy, we relive the experience and associated highs, which are a very high frequency place to reside. Allow God to share in your joys with you. He wants you to feel good. Conversely, there is great importance in also sharing our lows, as we do not want them to stay stuck within us. It is important to release this energy and know you are taken care of.

We can also value prayer as a means to set intentions and to ask for what we desire. A beautiful way to begin the day is in prayer. Pray for those you feel inspired to pray for, sending good intentions to each individual, to the animals, or Mother Earth. A prayer for Mother Earth is one of the most beautiful things you can do as a means to serve God or honor that God lives within all being and the Earth. Raise the spirits or the frequency of your prayer. See Mother Earth and all you pray for in radiant health, happiness, and light. You can also set an intention for what you desire to feel like in the day ahead or even for what you desire to accomplish. Do you wish to feel inspired, creative, free, comforted, understood, peaceful, loving? What do you desire for yourself? If you have action oriented goals, what would you like to accomplish today? Do you have any long-term goals or something you are actively working to manifest? This is a beautiful time to share your heart, ask for what you desire, and know it is yours. If you have doubts, express those as well, as you do not want to suppress, but you do want to actively work to shift your mindset and belief system into one of higher Truth, into one that knows your worth, your power, and knows you can accomplish or do anything.

And of course, there are prayers of gratitude and affirmation. In gratitude, we are in a state of abundance. We are choosing to focus on everything we already have, all the abundance currently available to us at any given moment, even in times of distress. There is always something to be grateful for, and lots of it. Gratitude is a shift in consciousness and a shift in your mindset. Gratitude is a choice. Adding gratitude to your life can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, if you are truly looking for healing and a more beautiful lifestyle. Gratitude affirms that you already have it all; no need to worry about what you do not have. All your needs are met, and the universe has always taken care of you.

A prayer of affirmation affirms to God or your higher power that you already have what you are asking for. Whatever it is that you desire to manifest, thank God in advancement of you receiving it in the physical. It is on its way. Say you are looking to manifest the perfect home. Thank God for allowing you and helping you to find your perfect home. If you have a visual of what this perfect home looks like visualize it. Get as specific as you light. How does your home feel? How do you feel being in it? Enjoy this state. Perhaps you would like to visualize yourself in the garden, rooting yourself and planting vegetables. Perhaps you want to visualize a family meal or snuggling up on the couch. This reality is real, and your affirmation of it births it into the physical. Be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day. You want to ultimately transmute negative thoughts. Be mindful of when your ego is on attack and just triggering you into thinking a certain way. Once you recognize it as ego, you can stop it in its tracks and know that it is not real. However, when you find yourself truly needing to express your thoughts, your feelings, your doubts, or insecurities, allow yourself to do so. Give yourself the space to express and purge. There is no need to suppress. Make the conscious effort to focus on positive thoughts into relation to what you desire to manifest but about life in general. You want to develop a healthy and balanced relationship with your thoughts, yourself, and this life.

Prayer is extremely powerful if we understand that the power lies within the intention behind it. Prayer is also a beautiful way to get our needs much, such as comfort, love, freedom, understanding, or anything you need. When you feel connected within your heart, to God, or however you choose to perceive it, you know that you are so loved, and you are never alone. The pain of the outside world does not exist in these moments, as we always have home to come back to.

Prayer is something I have personally long found comfort with. It is something I consider myself to have a soul connection to. My healthy life includes prayer or frequent conversation with God. If you feel called to prayer or to extending your practice of prayer, I invite you to make it personal. Do what feels inspired. Speak from your heart and your gut. Allow Spirit to guide you. See how prayer can personally activate and stimulate your life. What are your own benefits of prayer? Who do you visualize yourself speaking to in moments of prayer?

I believe prayer can benefit everyone, if only you know how to make it your own and get in touch with your emotions. Consider it a throat and sacral chakra exercise as well. It can also stimulate our solar plexus as well, as we assert what we desire with intention to get it done. We are powerful.

Do you incorporate prayer in your life? Do you feel called to prayer? I would love to hear about your journey!

The Lion's Gate & Frequency Management Techniques

We have been in the midst of the Lion’s Gate portal for a few weeks now and will continue to be so until the end of the month. August 8 (8/8) represented the day when its energies peaked. The Lion’s Gate is marked by our sun’s alignment with the star Sirius, otherwise called the spiritual sun. Sirius is the keeper of vast spiritual wisdom and keys to the universe, so in this direct alignment with our own sun, our bringer of life and life force energy, we are birthed into a new reality. We are open to higher knowledge and ways of being but must first purge out residual energy, old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and fears in order to maintain this higher frequency-based way of life. Out with the old, in with the new. If you have been having a challenging month, do not worry, as you are not alone. I am here to bring understanding to this month’s hectic energy spectrum, as just holding understanding for what you are going through can make your experience more bearable, as you shed light onto your experiences. At the least, you will not feel so lost or out of control, as you can see how all is occurring ultimately for your greatest good, as painful as it may be. Not only do we have the Lion’s Gate to pay notion to this month, but we also have the double eclipses. The lunar eclipse occurred on August 7, and the solar eclipse will occur on August 21. The period between these two dates represent a portal in its own right, of self-empowerment and manifestation, to couple the Lion’s Gate portal, where we are shedding old paradigms and receiving downloads of higher wisdom and consciousness.

In the broadest sense, these energies are very uncomfortable. Whatever our deepest fears are, are being mirrored right back to us in their physical form. If you fear money problems, expect money problems. If you fear relationship issues, expect more of the same. The question to ask yourself is, are you finally ready to let this all go, once and for all? Are you done with your ego and ready to step into your empowered Self? If you answered yes, you may be wondering, “how exactly do I do this?” And the answer is simply: frequency management. Manage your frequency. Catch yourself each and every time your frequency drops, and work it right back up in that moment. There are various ways to do so which you can integrate into your daily routine based off what you resonate with or are drawn to. In essence, this is spiritual hygiene.

When our frequency is high, we feel good, and we project this energy back into the world. In our own way, we make the world a brighter, more beautiful place to be, just due to the energy we are projecting, embodying, and adding to the collective. When we feel good, we are essentially “believing” that we feel good, and we will perceive this in our external environment as well. In a high frequency, we more readily attract abundance, dream manifestation, fulfillment of our life purpose, and so much more. When we are in a high frequency, the world is our oyster, and anything we desire is so readily achievable, because it is our exact nature which is vibrationally able to align with our desire. In fact we do not actually ever “get” anything; we merely align. Joy, bliss, peace, love, wonder, and grace are all high frequencies which we can embody or strive to ascend through.

Conversely, when we are in a lower vibration, we do not feel so good. We may be caught up in our egoic nature, negative thoughts, and perceived limitations. We may be wondering “how” something will be achieved or attained. But you see, the universe does not work in “hows.” The universe works in alignment and resonance. Either we are at a resonance for what we desire, or we are not. So, the best thing we can collectively do for ourselves is raise our frequency and, very importantly, monitor our frequency. Catch yourself when your ego leads you astray, when you do not feel so good about yourself or the world, and when you are obsessed and addicted to your negative-based thoughts and limiting beliefs. Make a conscious choice and continued effort to feel better. Over time, your frequency management will become second nature and less like “work,” as it may seem at first, by continuously monitoring yourself and how you feel. But I can tell you this, though the work may be involved at first, your future Self thanks you already, for choosing better for yourself and your Now. You deserve the best, and it is time to demand more for your incarnation here on Earth. Let us all align with our own unique heaven.

First and foremost, watch your thoughts. Thoughts create reality. The only difference between a thought and its physical manifestation is density. The more we think about something, the more we bring it into its physical form, especially when our emotions are behind it. Fear is a strong emotion. This is why it is easy for us to get caught up in fear and insecurities and to, most importantly, believe them. The emotions follow suit, as we daydream (more like, daydread) our deepest concerns. But this is exactly what we do not want to do. This is exactly how we create the exact instance we fear so much. I encourage you to sit with these feelings when you are grounded and balanced. What do you fear? Why do you fear it? Where is this stemming from? Give yourself validation, as this is ultimately coming from another point in linear time – childhood or even past life experiences. From there, can you ground yourself into Truth? Can you identify and connect with your Divine, immortal nature? Your empowered Self? What does this feel like to you? Ultimately, it should feel good, as it is real! This is the reality you now choose to grow, not the one you fear so much. Be diligent in your efforts. Pay mind to each and every thought. Over time, all of your thoughts will be conscious efforts towards feeding the reality you choose to experience. Your emotions back you up, as do your inspired actions. When embarking on this journey, it may not be believable to switch a thought (frequency) from one of fear to one of its positive counterpart. For example, using the example of financial abundance, if you are working with your negative thoughts regarding fear of lack, in regards to finances, the best thing you can do for yourself is to catch your thought and transmute it to one of financial abundance and excitement for all the abundance that is on its way. However, for someone newer to the laws of the universe and conscious manifestation, this may not be a believable process. How you can you believe you are abundant when you feel a sense of lack? And for this instance, I invite you to practice other go-to frequency management techniques, which will no doubt raise your frequency but not challenge you into believing something you ultimately do not or cannot believe at this time. Over time, as you become more and more aware of universal laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance, you can then hone in on direct transmutation of negative thoughts to their positive counterpart. Transmute lack of abundance into abundance, because it is your choice in doing so which creates exactly which you desire.

But until then, here are some other frequency management techniques:

1. Switch to a more believable thought. We already discussed how it may not be believable for you to switch a thought or belief of lack abundance to one of abundance. However, you can move up the trajectory into clinging to a higher frequency thought that is also believable. For example, pretend you are working to sell an item. You want to set a goal to sell 100 units, but your ego is instantly down on you. It is not believable to you at this that you will sell this amount. You start worrying, getting down on yourself, thus lowering your frequency and blocking you from any abundance at all. However, is it believable for you for you to sell 10? Or even 1? You can even operate from a state of wonder. “I wonder what would happen if I sold 1..10..100 units.” See what happens! Each “success” or sale builds up the believability factor that you will indeed sell more. Thus, your belief system in yourself grows stronger and stronger. By the laws of the universe, you will receive more and more abundance to back up your beliefs and the way that you feel.

2. Do what you love. The notion of frequency management is all about catching when you are feeling not so good and making the conscious choice to feel good instead. An easy way to switch out of a lower alignment is to do something that we no doubt love to do. Ask yourself now what it is that you enjoy to do, that you can easily gravitate towards when you are in a lower frequency. For some this may be reading, writing, or taking a nature walk. Others may like to sit and play with their crystals or pull some inspiring angel oracle cards. See what feels resonant to you, and keep this in the back of your mind to make yourself feel better next time you are down. This is not spiritually bypassing your problems. This is conscious self-care and an act of self-love.

3. Listen to binaural beats, meditation music, or any songs that make you happy and raise your spirits. This is all about the power of sound. Sound is frequency, and when we listen to high frequency music, sounds, or beats, due to the Law of Resonance, our being will begin to vibrate (contract) and oscillate (expand) in accordance. Thus, your frequency is raised. It is as simple as that. Sound therapy is an interesting field to pursue or study if you feel called. For example, each of our chakras operate at an ideal frequency, and listening to music with the relevant hertz (unit of frequency) can help us balance the relevant chakra or chakras.

4. Watch an inspiring video. Have you ever seen an inspiring share on Facebook, one that really spoke to you and made you feel light, inspired, and motivated? This is frequency management in play. You may have been scrolling through Facebook, with or without a particular emotion, but as soon as you watch an inspiring or resonant video, you suddenly feel blissful. When you are down and out, gravitate towards such videos. Have some in mind that you can quickly search for and find for your moments in need. Comedic videos are another great tool as well. Laughter is medicine and can boost our immune system. So, have a laugh and be inspired. At the same time, stray away from negative based Facebook shares, as these are surefire ways to lower your frequency. You may feel passionate about the cause at hand (animal abuse, for example), but sitting and watching such harsh, depressing videos will lower your frequency and actually give energy towards the matter. I would instead recommend to pray for the cause at hand without subjecting yourself to the abuse in such videos. You can use energy work and color therapy to surround the cause in white light of protection and violet light of transmutation.

5. Help someone in need. When you help someone, you help yourself, as we are all one, when all is said and done. The “feel good” feeling of helping another is real and another lesson in self-love. When you connect with another being and help them in some way, you strengthen the connection of two souls and the beautiful energy that connects both of your hearts. This will raise your spirits (your frequency), the spirits of the other, and add to this universal consciousness off compassion, love, and attentiveness. The next time you are feeling down, consider helping someone in need.

These are just a few of my favorite techniques, but the universe has infinite options available to you. However you can personally feel better is what you want to do. You can pray over this as well. Ask God/Source/Universe to reveal to you resonant frequency management techniques that will personally work for you and help you to align with your Highest Path.

To end this post, I am feeling guided to remind you all to remember to ask for help. Too often do we feel alone on our journeys and in this world. However, by the nature of our existence, it is truly impossible to be alone, as we are always connected to our heavenly team, our angels, our guides, and Source energy. In times of need, reach out to humans and the other side alike. Take notice of loved ones on this plane with you, as they are here for you and to help you. Be grateful for their presence and their choice (as well as yours) to incarnate here with you so that you may be there for each other in your respective times of need. Lastly, ask your angels, guides, and ascended masters for help. All are available to us and are limitless in their existence. As you embark your spiritual journey, various light beings will pop in and out depending on what you are going through at that time and what lessons you have to learn. The laws of free will prevent any beings from helping you without your direct consent, so please remember to ask.

I love you all so much,


The Courage to Follow Your Dreams

Last weekend, I proudly graduated from my graduate program with a Master of Science degree in Nutrition. In a few words, this was no easy task. I seemingly encountered struggle after struggle, particularly in my last class taken, a thesis equivalent class, where I completed a 92-page evidence analysis portfolio project on the correlation of magnesium status and women with chronic diseases. Receiving my diploma was surreal, an indescribable “high” after encountering various “lows” throughout my graduate career. My graduation day brought me back to three years prior, when I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am not one for an accurate or detailed memory; I am much more fluid, per se. Perhaps it is the Pisces in me. However, our lovely graduation speaker and her touching speech at my undergraduate ceremony have always stuck with me, especially one quote she brought to my awareness.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.
— Henry David Thoreau

I instantly felt “hit” by this quote as she read it to the crowd. Her message was warm, uplifting, and encouraging. There was *nothing* that could get in the way of a life of bliss, accept for our own mind and our belief system. Though three years ago, I was not spiritually awake in the sense I am now, I recognize how I soon would be. I fought for myself. Having no strong sense of “self” my whole life, always molding to the surroundings and people around me (also a Pisces thing), I was determined to figure myself out. I expanded my consciousness, protruding it outward. I began to recognize my flaws, not in a self-deprecating way, but in the knowingness that I could grow. I was self-empowered.

This theme of living our dreams has stayed with me ever since, and I find myself currently basking in its energy. I realize that I, alone, yet in the connectedness to God and the universe, have the power to transcend my life to highest measures. And in the same way, it is only me who could prevent my dream life from manifesting. On the surface, I know this. I know I am innately powerful. Beneath the surface, I face my blocks: doubt, fear, uncertainty. I have received much confirmation from higher sources that my purpose is great, and I am to reach a great many of people. An aspect of me fully knows this. It is the truth of my soul. Another aspect, however, is not so sure. “What can I really bring to the table that others cannot? Can I really do it? Maybe I will fail and have to get a ‘regular’ job.” These are just some of the thoughts and questions that run through my mind on a semi-regular basis. What I do realize, however, is I am going through this current process of fully realizing and believing in my true power and potential for the exact reason of being able to help others through similar storms.

In today’s world, many live via society standards and by what their external environment tells them they “should” do. This creates distress, unhappiness, and depression as the soul continues to shift farther and farther from the individual’s life purpose. Eventually, this brings one to an almost zombie like state in order to nullify this innate void. From the outside looking in, what I am doing is not normal. When people ask me what I “do” (read: for work, a typical question in our work to live mentality ridden society), I tell them about my coaching business, yet they still ask me about what my “real” job is. Perhaps this is my subconscious pointing back at me, testing me, and asking me to step in my power once more with continued conviction. One thing is for sure; enough is enough. It is time to break the mold.

So, I come to you humbly. I ask you to question your role in society. Are you living via external conditions, or are you living, better yet, thriving from the inside out, aligning with what truly feeds your soul and allows you the peace you so dearly deserve and ARE at your core? I know I have blocks to overcome, but the voice that believes in me is much stronger than the one that does not. My soul will always outshine my ego, though I value ego for its purpose in our human experience. The ego can literally not exist without the pain and suffering brought forth by the emotional and mental bodies. So, I have compassion for its will to survive.

If you are reading this, questioning what your purpose is, perhaps not even knowing what your passions are, I ask you to sit honestly with yourself. Are you connected to your inner voice, the true inner voice of your soul? Or, is this voice drowned out by the fear mongering voice of the ego? I will advise you in various ways. First, honor the ego, but realize your truth is beyond what the ego would have you believe. In any way you feel guided, commune with your soul. You may try meditation, prayer, journaling, or simply practice stillness. Hold the intention to strengthen the connection to your core energy, and allow what needs to come through to flow to the surface. The path to enlightenment has no destination; it is a continuous and cyclical journey where we unwind who we think we are to discover who we truly are and were all along, a non-identity of sorts, yet the essence of peace, love, and presence – three non-emotions. Any perceived negative emotions are imprints from the illusion of separation from Source or our creator God, the ultimate devastation. They are further cemented within our energetic fields due to pain experienced in childhood and even past lives. Keep in mind it took a lifetime (or lifetimes) of suffering to get you to where you are today, on the path for Truth. Thus, our healing will naturally not occur overnight. We can, however, feel our true essence in any given moment. Be gentle, compassionate, and forgiving with yourself. As you continue to grow and strengthen this alignment with Self, you will simply know what you need to be doing, and more importantly what you need to be "being," as you have your internal compass to guide you. You will know what feeds your soul by following your passion and your bliss, two feelings set in place by our Higher Selves to guide us in the direction of our mission and life purpose. Keep in mind that internally achieved joy is much different from experiencing temporary perceived happiness by something or someone outside of us. This type of happiness is fleeting, as if we were to lose this someone or something that is the source of our pleasure, gone too would be our joy. True happiness is felt and cultivated within.

Another tip is to reflect upon your childhood dreams, joys, and innocent pleasures. Childhood is often when we are most in tune with our true essence, as we have come straight from the other side, where there is no sense of pain or even pleasure for that matter. All just Is, and All Is Divine. For this reason, we may reflect upon our likes as a child to help us along in finding what brings us true joy, what is within our higher alignment. For example, I grew up in an authentically Italian family. I was constantly surrounded by homemade Mediterranean dishes and a joy-filled connection to food and family. My now deceased grandfather also grew my hands-on relationship with food as I would help him in his garden every spring and summer in New Jersey. As a very young child, I used to love playing kitchen with my toy kitchen and play food. Better still, I always had a knack for intuitive cooking. I never needed to follow recipes; I just knew what to do. I remember driving in the car with my mother and creating dishes in my mind, such as apricot chicken with bell peppers. I could not wait to go grocery shopping so I could put my mind’s creations to the test. Though it took me four college major changes, it is no surprise that I eventually landed upon “nutrition” as a chosen focus in my career, a focus that my love of food and cooking ties so seemingly into, and a focus regarding health which our country so desperately needs to address, one that I can help our nation address. As we continue our ascension process, we tend to revisit themes and memories from childhood and earlier life circumstances. Allow yourself to be open to these aspects of Self, from a time when you were most in touch with the true nature of reality.

I urge you now to stand tall and to stand proud. Be courageous with yourself and in this world. Eventually, you will come much farther and achieve much more than you could have ever imagined for yourself because you chose to let go and surrender to the universe’s plans, knowing, if only slightly at first, your power and potential. I say “eventually,” yet this time does not exist. There is only the now for you to sink into and be present with. All else is created by suffering and a perceived lack we feel in ourselves. But, you are more. You are worthy. You are beautiful, and you are Divinity incarnate. I am so proud of you for this courage you choose to tap into and breathe throughout your being. You are not alone. We came here as a team to transform society from the inside out through the power of peace, love, and presence. This change starts within.

A Day to Give Thanks: My Thanksgiving Blessing for You

Today is Thanksgiving, a day dedicated and centered around the vibration of gratitude or giving thanks. It is a day many of us have the blessing to spend with our loved ones, eat lots of food, and be merry. I wish for all of you the very best of Thanksgivings. I wish for you to marinate in the love and presence of your loved ones. I wish for you to enjoy your day off and to leave all your stresses and worries at the door or at the office. This is not spiritual bypassing. This is intentional focus on what truly matters and all you have to be thankful for today. A big thank you, of course, to all our service men and women who are not able to be with their loved ones today as they have dedicated themselves to our health and well being. I will miss my boyfriend, as he is on the job as a police officer, but I am proud of all he stands and works for and infinitely blessed to have him by my side.

If you follow me and my work, you may have picked up on the fact that I often talk about gratitude. Gratitude is an integrate part of my spiritual practice. As I explain, it is the energy, or close aligned energy, of abundance. As you focus and step into gratitude, appreciating what you have in your life, you align to the energy of abundance. In those moments of gratitude, you have it all. The more you focus upon and dwell in gratitude, the more abundance freely streams to you. In the energy of gratitude, you are farthest aligned from scarcity, lack, or poverty. You are not a match to the idea of needing more than you have because you already have it all. Thus, everyday is Thanksgiving in its own right, as we all have infinite to be grateful for each day, more than we can truly comprehend. It is up to you to see this and its many benefits.

In times of distress, it is important to ground ourselves. It is important to step outside of our limited personal perspective and realize it is our own thoughts which bring about our own suffering. In most instances of fear, anxiety, or worry, our body is reacting to the thoughts of our mind, causing an emotional and often physical reaction. Yet, nothing has truly happened yet. Even in your darkest hour, you are truly blessed, if only you choose to see this.

Perhaps the next time you are down, you can step outside your perspective and view your situation from the eyes of another. This can often be humbling and actually allow some of your anxiety or fear to subside, putting your worries into a more worldly perspective or collective understanding. What you take for granted would often change the lives of many. Do you have eyes to see and read this article? You are blessed. Do you have a computer or phone to read this from? You are blessed. Do you have electricity to charge the device from which you are reading this? You are blessed.

So today, dear souls, I challenge you. I challenge you to see beyond your own perspective, your little peephole into the world. I challenge you to bathe in gratitude today and moving forward. Each day, each moment is a reason to give thanks. Each second is a reason to drown in the awe of your existence because you, my love, are a miracle.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful day with family and friends. I hope you live in each moment with happiness, peace, love, and compassion. I hope you maintain the beauty of this day into your life moving forward and appreciate just how powerful gratitude can be. May you and your loved ones be infinitely blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!



The Lunar Eclipse & The Expression of Our Ego

When I met with Lynn, a mentor of mine and who I wrote about in a prior blog, she updated me on the current state of the energies. All she had to say so closely mirrored my personal experiences and what I had been going through over the past months. As she elated this information, I had no idea how closely attuned to nature’s energies I was. She explained how the summer months were almost static, stationary, but in the past couple weeks we were receiving a resurgence of energy. This spoke to a T of how I was feeling. Over the summer, I was not depressed. Rather, I enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as possible with frequent trips to the beach. However, I put only minor work and effort into my business. I simply did not have the creative drive to go further. This left me feeling a bit unfulfilled, but I was committed to growth and moving forward. I trusted the process and enjoyed summer’s beauty. As of the week prior to meeting with Lynn, I felt shocked with inspiration and creativity. It was as if instantly, my business was all I could think about and put my energy into building. What a perfect time to be meeting with Lynn, I thought to myself.

Lynn had also explained to me that 2016 is a “9” year in numerology, as 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 6 equals 9. This symbolizes the end of a cycle. Next year would be a “10” year which further reduces to “1” making it the start of a new, 9 year cycle. We have been experiencing many changes over the past few years. For me, this meant my spiritual awakening. I awakened to a greater part of myself, the universe, God, and life itself, sending me in a tailspin of directions searching for truth. As we come to close out 2016, we are going to be taking all we have learned with us into 2017 and the new cycle. All these incorporated changes will be our new foundation to the start of something new.

As much as we have learned, there is equal or more for us to shed. For us to hold higher and higher frequencies, we need to hold the space, make the space to do so. This means releasing old habits, destructive patterns, and that which does us harm. It means letting go in the greatest sense of the phrase. Realize that forgiveness does more for you than for the people you forgive. It means letting go of the dense energies that are bringing you down and cutting the unhealthy cords of attachment to those you have chosen to forgive. As we wind down 2016, we will be called to do more and more releasing while stabilizing our foundation for the new year ahead. You may have recurring dreams or dreams related to your past. What are they calling you to analyze and let go? You may have memories of your past, or people of your past may come to resurface. How do you handle these situations? Or, you may just be continuously triggered in your day to day life, allowing you to witness firsthand what you are still holding onto that needs to be loved and thanked for its purpose in your life, allowing you to see a deeper aspect of yourself. Above all, focus on love. Come from your heart center, and all will be transmuted. Pray for guidance. Meditate in the stillness. See what calls out to you.

Since meeting with Lynn, I have put extended stock into following energy grids, how I feel, and how the two tie in together. Over the past couple weeks, you may have felt physically ill, exhausted, had trouble sleeping, or felt warn down. The universe is acting on you to purge. Ride out the storm, and see how much lighter you soon feel. This takes us into tonight, the night of September 16, a full moon and lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon. The moon is fully exposed in all of its beautiful glory. At some point during my awakening, I realized with quite certainty that the moon represents our ego, our shadow side. For all the light in us we have, we have our ego to reflect back our subconscious beliefs about the matter. Think of the Earth as you - incarnate in this life in your material body. On one hand, you have the sun, a stable force in your life, always there, always shining. The sun is your Higher Self, your higher perspective, and the beaming light of love within your heart. On the other hand, you have the moon, your ego, still always there, and always circling around you, playing off the light energy you are attempting to receive from the sun and from your Higher Self. In the same way, this analogy works on a worldly scale, incorporating each and every life species and the totality of Earth. For as long as we have a moon in the sky, we will have our ego, on an individual as well as collective basis. We can, however, learn to recognize this part of our awareness. Although the ego functions to keep us in survival mode, we can understand how this holds us back in our limiting beliefs and patterns. We can love our ego, even if it does not love us back. We can recognize the ego’s sole purpose is to keep us alive. For this, the ego is beautiful. Can you truly deny the beauty of the moon?

So, tonight represents the totality of this depiction. The moon is out in full swing, full and front and center. Our ego is out to play, ready to be exposed. Perhaps tonight may be a good night for a full moon ritual and some moon gazing. It may be a lovely idea to journal out any ideas or expressions you may have. Keep your journal close in hand as you lay in nature. Write down all that comes to mind. See how you are expressing hidden aspects of your subconscious.

In this thing called life, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles and the work to live mentality of our society. It is easy to lose focus on what truly matters. “What truly matters” may be differently expressed among people, but in the simplest sense, it is love, as that is what we are all striving towards and evolving towards in our universal consciousness. If you can, take some time tonight to focus upon this principal. Look at the moon, the literal and metaphorical representation of your ego. See just how beautiful it is, and understand its purpose. Take this understanding to your own ego, and give it an energetic hug and burst of love. Stay committed, and stay true to your path, for you are in for quite a ride.


The Path of Continuous Self-Healing & Love

A few days ago, I met with a dear friend and spiritual advisor of mine, Lynn. She does beautiful work, mostly focusing on young women such as myself. In session, she works intuitively with her wealth of knowledge as well as whatever is brought through by Spirit. Throughout session, I felt so very in sync with all she had to say and teach me. It is no wonder, but a great blessing regardless, that we work together and found one another. When I went to meet with her, I had a few topics in mind. On one hand, I had a question about family relationships, but on the other hand and more importantly to me, I wanted to know about my mission, my life’s path, and how to continue to move forward. Am I on the right track? What am I missing?

Our session was beautiful as a whole. I learned so much. But I left the session with one thing in particular that I knew was time for me to deal with head on. If I focused on this and dealt with it, I would be moving straight ahead with my mission, making myself a clearer channel to help clients. I am talking about soul healing, fragmentation, and clearing dense energy to make space for new energy. The concept of “energy” has been heavy on my mind lately. It makes sense from my highly logical mind; the more you clear out old, dense vibrations, the more you can hold space for higher energies and frequencies. I have been clearing on a regular basis, whether through prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, or the Violet Flame, an etheric flame which burns away old energies and transmutes them to higher frequencies. This process I have felt very passionate about and knew it to be a big part of my spiritual work as well as an important component to working with clients. Well, Lynn picked up on all of this clearing I have been doing. She recognized a lot of my inner work, but there was more to be done, she said. It was time for me to go deeper, deeper still into my subconscious. As one trauma resurfaces and is dealt with, another one will pop its nasty head.

It made sense to me. I “feel” I have more work to do (we always do), but this lends a hand to this belief and pointed me into the direction that needs the most attention. In the moments of our discussion regarding this, what instantly came to mind were my sufferings from my insecurities that I can trace back to kindergarten. Since then, I have dealt with an internal battle with my weight and how I perceive myself to look, being very down on myself, and at one point suffering from anorexia and bulimia. I have come a long way, but it is still a constant, daily struggle that is only holding me back from performing my life’s work to the best of my capabilities. I have done so much work in many other areas of my life, but I always had this issue on the backburner. At times it was manageable, at times hiding in the background, but it was still “there” and a substantial part of my identity and day to day life. It is time for me to truly and finally take this issue by the horns and let it go. Perhaps this issue is not holding me back. Perhaps, instead, it is a frequency I chose to battle with so that I can truly, wholly overcome it and lend my experience into helping other people. In this way, it is a blessing.

In kindergarten, I remember sitting on the floor with a friend. We were grabbing the miniscule fat present on our tiny, little legs. “I want to lose all of this,” I told my friend. Where did I learn this concept? How did I even have an understanding of weight loss and “fat”? Where did I learn to not love myself and my body? Over the years, my insecurities transformed into various ideas and concepts. I starved myself. I threw up. I binge ate. I judged myself uncontrollably and felt shame and disgust at what I saw in the mirror. All of this was stemming from the same subconscious root of what I am now realizing to be non-acceptance. I did not accept myself or my God given form. We are all blessed with beautiful vehicles to house our souls for this experience on Earth. Through the pain that arises from living on this planet, we forget our Divine nature. We forget that we are not our bodies in itself. However, our bodies have chosen to accompany us for this Earth-bound journey, where we all have much work to be done. They are our partners in crime, so to speak. What a beautiful blessing that is.

Sometimes I think this is my way of struggling to be human. Perhaps my soul is not innately human, so it is a struggle to adapt fully to being here. Perhaps, but perhaps I can overcome this struggle. Perhaps that is, in part, precisely why I am here in the first place, so that I can lend my hand at redefining and rediscovering true acceptance of ourselves. We do not have to struggle. We do not have to live forever in pain. We can, however, go head first into our pain, pour all our love into it, and come out the other end, reborn and renewed. It is through the greatest pain, the pain of labor and birthing, that the greatest beauty is born, a newborn baby, life itself. I thank another mentor, Lee from Relationship Reinvented, for that analogy that has always stuck with me. Perhaps it is an analogy for the human experience. Through the greatest pain, comes rebirth and the greatest love of all.

So, it is clear we must dive head first into our pain. We must experience the ins and outs of our pain and that which weighs us down. We must cleanse our souls, reach every corner and edge, for us to truly transform this pain into the light. Over the days since I met with Lynn, I have been caught up with this topic and about what to really do to move forward and deal with this fragmented soul aspect of mine. Some ideas came to mind, such as journaling. I can journal out any memories I have and any patterns I pick up on. I can meditate upon the topic of simply asking what to do. I have a special bond with oracle cards, and I can use them as well to touch upon any subconscious insight, as oracle cards work with our subconscious. It is important to note that Lynn stressed to me the importance of coming from my heart center. This will help me infinitely with clients, she said. I have the logical side down, she told me. Now, it is time to truly act from my heart. I have so much love to give and so much love inside me. Love is one of my core values. It is almost a paradox that I have to learn to act from my heart, but I know it to be true. I am too much in my mind, which is after all just another human construct.

Love is the highest of vibrations. In this way, all can be accomplished and healed through love. It is a process, however, something quite difficult to work at. The more you love yourself, the more you will find aspects of yourself that need love, calling you to go deeper and deeper, around and around. True love does not judge. It does not harm. It does not shout. True love is a shoulder to lean on as you cry. It is a mother holding her aching child. It is a candle in the darkness, reflecting back the shadow of the dark but lighting up your way into the terrors, holding your hand as you move through the darkness and out the other side.

It is readily said among the eating disorder recovery community that one does not ever fully heal from an eating disorder. Rather, the thoughts are always there; you just learn to live with your disorder and manage it. I refuse to abide by this statement. You CAN fully heal and love yourself. It requires deep, attentive soul work, but it is absolutely possible if only you are committed to the process and believe it to be an achievable reality. Whatever you are going through, whatever pain you are facing, you have every ability within your soul and every cell of your body to recover, to learn much about yourself in the process, and to come out an even more powerful expression of love. Do not limit yourself. Do not use this human thing we call a mind to set boundaries on your progress and achievements. At you very core, you are the purest expression of love. You are simply relearning who you can be and who you truly are. You have the power to transform.

You Are The Universe

This is a message of hope. It is a message of realizing, understanding, your true potential. If you are feeling down, you have the potential to feel unconditional love. If you are feeling great, like you are making progress in this life, you have the potential to grow infinitely more, beyond your wildest dreams.

Since my spiritual awakening a little over a year ago, I have grown and grown. I have realized my shadow, that I even had a shadow, and transmuted many aspects to love. I have realized the importance of self-development and how that so perfectly ties into spirituality and Truth. I developed a dream. I dreamt of being my own boss, never reliant on the corporate world or working to develop someone else’s dream. I dreamt a beautiful, magical life for myself. A year ago, I started my blog. Today, I have a website with a clear(er) vision of what I am trying to accomplish and my own business to boot. In this way, I have made progress. For a while, however, I felt stuck, at a standstill. I had the vision in mind of what I wanted to create, but if I am being honest with myself, I did not have the necessary action steps behind my vision to make it happen. I was focusing my intention but not getting to work, down to the nitty gritty. I thought, “All happens as it is supposed to in Divine timing. If this is my path and what I can do to help the world, it will happen.” In an essence, I was 100 percent correct but only because now, I am making it happen. No more spiritual bypassing my dreams into accepting laziness. Time to make (key word, action verb) my dreams come true.

So, something clicked in me. I started receiving signs about taking action, about how intention and vision without action are useless. I could have rationalized these signs away, but I am glad I did not. I am grateful I chose to move forward. I am grateful for progress and self-accountability.

And here I am today. It has only been a few days, but I have shifted so much. I feel inspired, rejuvenated, and my vision has all but consumed my time and energy. I am moving forward. This shift has taught me a lot, but the greatest gift, perhaps, is the realization of my true potential. I had a dream, but now I am in the thick of it. I am living my path, and I am growing so much. I feel myself holding more and more of my light body, ready to get things done and take on the world. Even more, I understand there is so much more progress to be made, that I have the potential to make, and it excites my very being. I am just getting started.

This message is for you. However you view yourself currently, however positive or negative you feel about yourself, your progress, and your path, you have the potential to grow, to be wowed by your every move, your life, and your mission. This is your time, and the time is now. If you feel stuck, keep going. Take action that supports what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel. If you feel great, keep going. Dream bigger, I say to you. Do not limit yourself by your self-inflicted barriers of your mind. You are a beautiful wonder of a creature. Make the effort, and trust the process. Surrender, and keep going.

As you continue to move forward, more and more aspects of yourself will start to resurface and appear, ready to be integrated. Do the inner work. Get to know yourself, deeper and more clearly. Continue to set intentions for what you want and what you want to accomplish and get done. Visualize what you want, set your intention, and move forward to make it happen. You hold the power within every cell of your being that you are looking for. It is just for you to ask for, be open to, tap into, nurture, and grow. Do not limit yourself. Never lose sight of living in the moment, in each and every beautiful moment. Enjoy what you do; do what you enjoy. Treat your body and your life as a sacred vessel and experience, and focus on what nurtures and excites your soul. Feel yourself grow and grow. Feel the progress you have made. Be excited for what's to come. You can grow exponentially, beyond your wildest dreams and your current understanding of yourself. Never forget, you are the universe.


The Energy of Giving & Receiving

We are spiritual bodies having a human experience. This much is true. As spiritual beings, we use energy to get things done. We receive energy, leaving us rejuvenated and refreshed. We give energy, at times leaving us drained and tired. After all, there is only so much energy in our energy pool each day.

Many people have full time jobs in which they feel so completely drained by the end of the day. They come home, and all they can manage to do is put on the television set, numbing their feelings and unknowingly giving even more energy away. Why are they so drained, and why do they feel this way? Well, it may not be that their jobs are so physically exerting, per se. Rather, there may be an unequal energy exchange that is occurring throughout their work day. They are giving for eight hours straight and receiving very little energy in return. This creates an energetic imbalance.

So how do we fix this problem? How do we make sure we do not unknowingly drain our energy and that there is instead an equal energy exchange? Being mindful is key. Start to really tune in and pay attention to what drains you and what rejuvenates you. We are all born sensitive and empathic, but we are taught to tune out to this part of ourselves. It is time to tune back in, beautiful souls. Truly listen and pay attention to what your spirit and your body (because your body has consciousness, too) are telling you. It might seem “easy” to sit in front of the television for hours, but do you really feel good afterwards? Of course not. You might feel zapped with no sense of where your time and energy went.

Be mindful of your actions. Be mindful of each and every moment. Live in the moment. Pay attention to your emotions and how you physically feel. Let your emotions be your guide, and take action when and where appropriate. If the above example sounds like you and you constantly feel drained from your full time job, there are steps you can take to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Throughout the day, take a few mindful breathes, deep breaths in and out. It is the simplest form of meditation. Breathe in all that is good for you. Breathe out, and release all that no longer serves you. Gossip is also common in the work place. Try to tune out from these conversations. It does not serve your soul to engage in gossip and spend your precious energy supply on such a matter. When you have a lunch break, be very mindful of what you are putting into your body and spending energy on digesting.

As a society, we have become very unconscious eaters. We eat what we are physiologically addicted to: sugars, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives, etc. These dense foods have very little if any life force energy and can leave us feeling completely zapped, dense, and uncomfortable. As you work towards becoming a mindful, conscious, and intuitive eater, you will be left feeling rejuvenated and alert after eating. You will be eating what truly nourishes your soul and your body. Pay attention to what you are eating and to every bite you eat. See how your body reacts to different foods and food groups. Let your body dictate to you what it wants you to eat, how much it wants you to eat, and when it wants you to eat. Try to go against your habits and comfortability. We get full blown addicted to habits that we do not exactly know what we are doing to ourselves and how our bodies truly feel. Go against the grain of comfortability, but move with the current of your body feeling good. Tune into the vibration or energy of all that you eat. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices have the most life force energy. “Dead” food, such as processed foods and meats, can weigh you down and leave you with less energy than before you ate. If you feel yourself wanting to wean from certain foods, do so with love, attentiveness, and care. Your eating habits have been with you since conception, as your mother’s eating habits as well as her emotional attachment to food and her emotional state during her eating times affects you via osmosis. This means it can take a lot of time, care, and persistence to make changes. When you start to notice positive changes in your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, you will know you are on the right track and will love and want to keep going.

Food is a sort of addiction many of us have, either knowingly or unknowingly. Becoming a fully conscious eater is a great and positive change you can make for yourself and for the world. Becoming conscious means paying attention. When you pay attention, you will start to pick up on the signs your body is giving you. You will become an intuitive eater, knowing exactly what your body wants and when it wants it. You will crave specific foods and maybe not consciously know or understand exactly why and the underlying vibrational or physiological reasons, but you will know your body is calling for them. That, you will respect and honor. At times you may eat more. At times you may eat less. It is a process and a journey, continuous and cyclical.

If you feel your body wants you to give up a certain food or food group, such as dairy, for example, and you are having a hard time letting go to your attachment, there are steps you can take to help ensure the process along. Prayer always helps. Ask your angels and guides to help clear any energetic debris or attachments to this food or food group. Or, go straight to the Source. Ask God for help, and know it will be done. It will be the knowingness that it is possible that will complete the process. Also, you can perform an energetic chord cutting. Envision a chord attached from you and to the food you are giving up. How thick is the chord? What color is it? Is it tangled, or is it straight? Envision a giant scissor that cuts the chord and a vacuum to take away the debris. And so it is. Chances are, these foods were draining your energy, and now you are reclaiming your power and energy store.

You can also use these methods on other addictions or unhealthy attachments, such as people who drain you and make you feel bad or less than. The power is yours. Release your fear. Reclaim your power. You will feel so rejuvenated afterwards, as you have let go of people, things, and situations which drain you.

It is time to pay attention. Take control of your life. Add meaning to your life. Do more of what makes you feel good. Do less of what makes you feel bad. See how refreshed you feel, and honor yourself for your journey and your progress. Take a step back and appreciate the progress you have made. Sit and bathe in the sheer bliss of gratitude. You are a beautiful sight to behold.

I hope to hear all about your journey.